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Kiss the ould Mother, Hug the old Man

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Kiss the ould Mother, Hug the old Man Lyrics by The Wolfe Tones is the first song and was sent in by Patrick Burke. The second song is The Impartial Police Force. Both songs were sang by Derek Warfield.

There’s an Island that’s famed and in Story
Sweet poets of song and her praise
And their Songs are of no brighter Story
But for Sons that have seen happier days
And though when I go the world over
And no matter where ever i go
In my heart there’s a spot for old Ireland
And for you now sweet Molly a’store


And I’ll kiss the ould Mother
And hug the ould Man
Give Johnny a shilling
And shake hands with Dan
Fight for me country and do all i can
Then i go out with my girl Molly Ann

2Old Erin my country once happy
But Fortune once smiled on your shore
And I long for that day  that’s fast coming
When her Beauty it be
ever more

For the english decievers by nature
Though mabey you think them sincere
If they say your a sweet charming creature
Now dont you believe them my dear

(Chorus as above)

3Success to the boys then from Erin
The finest and smartest there seen
In battle They prove themselves Erin
true to the shamrock the harp and the green
Then here’s to the mossy green bowers
That grows around erin’s
Green Shore
Every link of the ancient round tower
And my girl now sweet Molly astore

(Last Chorus as above)

Impartial Police Force Lyrics + chords
Tiocsaidh ar La =Our Day Will Come , Fenians and Taigues = Nick names used by loyalists for Catholics, RUC = Formor name for Northern Ireland Police Service and means Royal Ulster Constabulary, Sinn Fein is a polictal party in Ireland, UDR Ulster Defence Regiment = was a regiment of The British Army stationed in Northern Ireland, Maze was a prison where polictal prisoners were held, Herman's = John Herman was A Former Chief Inspector Of Police 

[D]If you're in Andytown or the [A]Creggen,
We'll [A7greet you with "Tiocsaidh ar La"
We're [Bm]nice and polite, by [D]day and by night,
we'll [A]answer to Nil agus [D]Ta
[D]Don't mind the machine guns and [A]pistols,
We [A7]wear them now only for [D]show.
[D]And if the're ever used, Orange [G]men we'll [D]abuse,
Oh we'll teach them aul [A]Bigots some [D]law.
We are the Impartial Police Force, the guardians of Ulster are we
We'll protect you Sinn Feiners, you Fenians and Taigues
We're known as the fond RUC
Now some of you Fenians may wonder, what a sudden conversion we had
On the 12th of July, a big flash in the sky,
We were all drove impartially mad.
Now come all of ye born again Christians, ye better not give any jaw
For we don't give a hoot, the plastic we'll shoot
You'll feel the long arm of the law
And all ye Sinn Feiners in councils, you'll get a fair crack from now on
don't take any crap from those UDR chaps,
We'll teach them what's right and what's wrong
There are some of our members now walking
The roads in south County Armagh
And sure up in the Glens, we're all making friends,
On the tricolour now there is no bar.
Now some go unconscious for hours and then they go into a daze
They walk to the maze and open the cage and release all the prisoners of war.
Now we've lots of friends down in Dublin,
No pals of the Loyalists are we
Oh never again will we shoot Fenian men
With papists we'll sit down to tea.
We are just like the Gardai in Dublin, or the Coppers in New York you see
we're Herman's Brigade and we're all well behaved
The Impartial Police Force are we


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