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Mary And Me lyrics + chords

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Mary And Me Lyrics And Chords Eric Bogle-here is another of Eric's great songs,This man is up there with the best songwriters in the world,and a fine singer he is too.From ''The Green Fields Of France'' to ''Leaving Nancy'' and tons in between. Guitar chords by Mark Russell. The images in the video are of Dublin's Inner City, it's what the place used to look like yonks ago, with it's run down tenement houses. This song could be about any city in the world where poverty exists.

I put this song on youtube myself, it seems not a lot of people ever heard of it,
The Dublin City Ramblers had it out way back in the 80's,

We[C] grew up to[G]geather two[C] kids in the same[F] dirty[G] street
And[C] often we were[G] cold and[C] hungry with little to[G] eat
We were[F] born to a life of[C] want and pover[G]ty
And[F] living wasn't [C]easy for[G] Mary and[C] me.
When you're poor and hungry it's hart to keep dreams alive
For you need all your strenght and your will if you want to survive
For I never gave up my dreams and neither did she
Though living wasn't easy for Mary and me.
YouC] were[G] born in the[G7] slum littly[C] boy
And you'll[G] die in the[G7] slum little[C] boy
You were[G] born in the[G7] slum and you've[C] never seen the[Am] sun
You'll be[G] there 'till kingdom[G7] come little[C] boy
We dreamen of the day when we'd both get away from the slum
To a place outside where a man could earn a spot in the sun
But though we dreamed our dreams they were never to be
For living wasn't easy for Mary and me
For Mary came to me and said she was five months gone
So we married that spring before our son was born
Then before we knew our kids they numbered three
And living wasn't easy for Mary and me.
Now our kids are growing up in the same dirty street
And often they're cold and hungry with little to eat
Living a life of want and poverty
And living isn't easy for Mary and me.
I wish to hell this weary life were done
I wish to hell that I was dead and gone
For if death's the only way we can be free
Then dying will be easy for Mary and me


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