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Aon Focal Eile Guitar Chords

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AON FOCAL EILE Guitar Chords And Lyrics, Written by Richie Kavanagh. Music timing 4/4. Funny Irish song.

Intro: C-F-C-G   C-F-C-G-C
When (C)I was just a (F)little lad I (C)used to go to (G)school
I’d (C)sit down there (F)in the seat, (C)feeling (G)like a (C)fool
The (C)teacher taught us (F)everything, (C)everything we (G)know
She (C)had a great big (F)lump of a stick that was (C)bent in(G)to a (C)bow
She’d go (C)“Aon focal, da focal, two focal eile,
And I not knowing no (G)focal at all
She’d go “Aon focal, da focal, two focal eile
And I not knowing no (G7)focal at (C)all
She (C)taught us how to (F)say (C)all our A.B.(G)C.s
She (C)showed us how to make (F)little men (C)out a (G)plasti(C)cine
She (C)taught us how to (F)say our prayers, she (C)toult us right from (G)wrong
The (C)only thing a(F)bout it, we (C)didn’t go to (G)school too (C)long
She (C)taught about the (F)history, the (C)Battle of the (G)Boyne
And (C)how to play a (F)game with a (C)chestnut (G)on a (C)twine
She (C)says “Open up your (F)catechism, (C)learn of that infor(G)mation
If you (C)don’t get it in, to your (F)big thick head, you won’t (C)get your (G)confor(C)mation
Repeat Intro twice
Well, the (C)days we spent (F)going to school, were the (C)best years of our (G)life
Tho’ (C)at the time we (F)thought they were (C)full of (G)trouble and (C)strife
Now (C)when I’m home on (F)holiday, I’d (C)pass the old school (G)gate
I (C)think of the time I (F)spent in there, them (C)times the (G)surely were (C)great
(C)Feiceann me,,, Feiceann tu,,,
Thats The Truth says (G)I ta you
She’d go “Aon focal, da focal, two focal eile
And I not knowing no (G7)focal at (C)all
And (G)we not knowing no (G7)focal at (C)all.

This song by Richie is all about the learning of the Irish / Gaeilge language in school in Ireland and not being able to grasp it. Well I'm not a bit surprised at all. Up until recently the learning of our native language was compulsory in all national schools. It was thought from the time you started school at four until you finished at sixteen and by the time you left school very few students could master the Gaelic. In fact very few could even put two sentences together. This problem had little to do with the intelligence of the student, but rather the level of knowledge the teacher had about the Gaelic tongue. The teachers were not fluent speakers and teached from a book. Today it's very different, there are what's called ''Gaelscoil'' schools all around Ireland with teachers who are from the Gaeltacht regions of Ireland and Gaelic is their first language. Where students attend these schools they usually become fluent in a few years. So perhaps there's hope for Richie yet.


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