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Padin's Party

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Padin's Party Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords By Seamus Moore. a song about a fight in a pub between the locals and some travellers. All hell breaks out at Padin's birthday party when he gets a few pints on him, enough said about this one.

[G]In a pub in Tullabhadin, at a party of Padin
Sure the craic it was mighty one [D7]night.
Gui[Am]tars were clanging, pool [D7]balls were banging
And the [Am]knackers were [D7]roaring to [G]fight,

[G]When the drinks finally hit him, say's Padin ''Lets Get Them''
Then he made a mad [G7]rush 'cross the [C]floor,
[D7]Well the chairs startd flying, and the auld ones were crying.
Then there came a loud knock on the [G]door.

[G]Was The Garda Siochana out[C]side
Four big red faces, hob nails and [G]braces,
And [C]the Knackers were roaring to [G]fight.
Sure the [D7]craic it was mighty that [G]night.

Down at the station, it would bring tears to our nation.
To see the cut of the boys,
There was poor Padin and the Boys From Tullabhadin,
And The Knackers were all telling lies.
At four in the morning the seargent was yawning.
When the final statement was read,
With his two bleery eyes, after hearing such lies.
Well he rised a big fist and he said.

Go home now get out of my sight,
You're driving me crackers, you're nohing but Knackers,
And Padin you'll pay for this night.
well the craic it was might that night.

Down at The Court House, the next Tuesday morning.
Well the Court Room was packed back to back.
There was poor Padin and the boys from Tullabhadin,
And the Knackers that started the craic.
They were all fined a fiver, by a judge called McGiver
Then he scratched the auld head trying to think.
'Wood bring tears to a snowman, when he said you can go man,
Then he seen them stampeed for more drink.

Over in the pub once again
There was poor Padin and the boys from Tullabhadin,
And the Knackers were at it again
Well the craic it was might again,
Sure in Tullabhadin the craic never ends.


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