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Night Visiting Song Lyrics By Luke Kelly

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The Night Visiting Song The Dubliners song lyrics and guitar chords. This was the last song Luke Kelly sang on stage before he left us. It's one of the most popular songs on the site. Just three easy chords. I

I[D] must[G] away[D] now,I can no longer[A] tar[D]ry,
This morning's[G] tem[D]pest,I have to[A] cross,
I must be[D] guided,without a[G] stum[D]ble,
Into the[G] ar[D]ms I [A]love the[D] most
[D]And when he [G]came[D] to his true love's [A]dwell[D]ing,
He knelt down [G]gent[D]ly,upon a [A]stone,
And [D]through her [G]wind[D]ow,he whispered[G] low[D]ly
Is my true [G]lov[D]er with[A]in at [D]home.
[D]Wake up,wake [G]up [D]love it is thine own true[A] lov[D]er,
Wake up,wake[G] up [D]love and let me[A] in,
For I am [D]tired love and oh so [G]wear[D]y,
And more than [G]nea[D]r drenched [A]to the [D]skin.
[D]She's raised her[G] u[D]p,her down soft [A]pill[D]ow,
She's raised her [G]u[D]p,and she's let him [A]in,
And they were [D]locked in,each other's [G]arm[D]s,
Untill that [G]long [D]night was [A]past and [D]gone.
[D]And when that [G]long [D]night was pased and [A]ov[D]er
And when the [G]small[D] clouds,began to [A]grow,
He's taken her [D]hand amd they kissed and[G] part[D]ed,
Then he saddled and [G]mount[D]ed,and a[A]way did [D]go.
[Repeat first verse]

This youtube video will teach you how to play the song on guitar. I play this one in the key of D Major.

Here's The Tin Whistle Notes

Dubliners With Patsy Watchorn


Song Words Without The Chords
I must away now,I can no longer tarry,
This morning's tempest,I have to cross,
I must be guided,without a stumble,
Into the arms I love the most
And when he came to his true love's dwelling,
He knelt down gently,upon a stone,
And through her window,he whispered lowly
Is my true lover within at home.
Wake up,wake up love it is thine own true lover,
Wake up,wake up love and let me in,
For I am tired love and oh so weary,
And more than near drenched to the skin.
She's raised her up,her down soft pillow,
She's raised her up,and she's let him in,
And they were locked in,each other's arms,
Untill that long night was past and gone.
And when that long night was pased and overm
And when the small clouds,began to grow,
He's taken her hand amd they kissed ands parted,
Then he saddled and mounted,and away did go.
[Repeat first verse]

John Sheahan- We tried to have this meeting to talk about the future of The Dubliners as a group. We got together in the pub and there was a little bit of discussion about gigs in the future and so on and I was trying to decide wheather to give up my job or not. During the course of the evening everyone got drunker and drunker and then a row broke out between Barney and Ronnie and the next thing I knew the group was breaking up before my very eyes, it was all fuck you, and fuck you and you can play on your own, and that was it, the Dubliners had split and I was thinking I was glad I had a job to go to and I was mad to get involved with this crazy lot in the first plase. Then I got the phone call from Ronnie the next day. 'You ok for Friday'' I said ''But the group had broke up last night, and he said, 'Oh for fuck sake, don't take any notice of that, it happens every week' so I said fair enofe and quit my day job.

The Night Visiting Song lyrics and guitar chords


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