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Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

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HEN WLAD FY NHADAU  Lyrics And Guitar Chords./(OLD) LAND OF MY FATHERS The Welsh Anthem was written in 1856. Later, the melody was ‚borrowed’ for the National Anthem of Brittany ‚Bro Gazh Ma Zadoł’ and the Cornish Anthem ‚Bro Hoth Agan Tasow’. Back to the Welsh Chords And Lyrics

Mae (C)hen wlad fy nhadau yn (F)annwyl i mi,
Gwlad (C)beirdd a chantorion, en(G)wogion o fri;
Ei (C)gwrol ryfelwyr, gwlad(F)garwyr tra mad,
Tros (C)ryddid gol(G)lasant eu (C)gwaed.
(C)Gwlad, gwlad, pleidiol (Am)wyf i’m (G)gwlad.
Tra (C)mor yn fur i’r (F)bur hoff bau,
O (C)bydded i’r (G)hen iaith bar(C)hau.
Hen (C)Gymru fynyddig, pa(F)radwys y bardd,
Pob (C)dyffryn, pob clogwyn i’m (G)golwg sydd hardd;
Trwy (C)deimlad gwladgarol, mor (F)swynol yw si
Ei (C)nentydd, a(G)fonydd, i (C)mi.
Os (C)treisiodd y gelyn fy (F)ngwlad tan ei droed,
Mae (C)hen iaith y Cymry mor (F)fyw ag erioed,
Ni (C)luddiwyd yr awen gan (F)erchyll law brad.
Na (C)thelyn ber(G)seiniol fy (C)ngwlad.

English Translation
The old land of my fathers is dear to me,
Land of poets and singers, famous men of renown;
Her brave warriors, very splendid patriots,
For freedom shed their blood.

Nation [or country], Nation, I am true to my Nation.
While the sea [is] a wall to the pure, most loved land,
O may the old language endure.

Old mountainous Wales, paradise of the bard,
Every valley, every cliff, to me is beautiful.
Through patriotic feeling, so charming is the murmur
Of her brooks, rivers, to me.

If the enemy oppresses my land under his foot,
The old language of the Welsh is as alive as ever.
The muse is not hindered by the hideous hand of treason,
Nor [is] the melodious harp of my country.


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