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Shanagolden Lyrics

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Shanagolden Lyrics And Chords Sean Mc Carthy Below is Paddy Day doing a beautiful version of this song, Its a song you dont hear a lot of anymore, So come on lads and lassies put this on in your list Guitar Players, Try a capo on the second fret and you will be in the key of D. Shanagolden Tin Whistle

The [C]cold winds from the [Am]mountains, are [F]calling soft to [C]me,

The [G]smell of scented [Em]heather, brings [Am]bitter memo[G7]ries,

The [G]wild and lonely [Em]eagle, up [Am]in the summer [G7]sky,

Flies [Am]high or Shanna[F]golden, where my young Willy [C]lies 


Do [C]you remember [Am]darling, we [F]walked the moonlit [C]road,

I [G]held you in my [Em]arms then, I'd [Am]never let you [G7]go,

Our [G]hands they were ent[Em]wined my love [Am]all in the pale moon[G7]light,

By the [Am]fields of Shana[F]golden, on a lonely winter’s [C]night.


Then [C]came the call to [Am]arms love, and the [F]hills they were a[C]flamed,

Down [G]from the silent [Em]mountains, the [Am]Saxon strangers [G7]came,

I [G]held you in my [Em]arms then, my [Am]young heart wild with [G7]fear,

By the [Am]fields of Shana[F]golden, in the spring time of the [C]year.


And you [C]fought them darling [Am]Willy, all [F]through those summer [C]days,

I [G]heard the rifles [Em]firing, in the [Am]mountains far a[G7]way,

I [G]held you in my [Em]arms then, your [Am]blood ran free and [G7]bright,

And [Am]you died in Shana[F]golden on a lonely winter’s [C]night.


Oh but [C]that was long a[Am]go my love, and our [F]son grows fine and [C]tall,

The [G]hills they are at [Em]peace again, the [Am]Saxon strangers [G7]gone,

There's [G]roses on your [Em]grave my love, there's [Am]an eagle in the [G7]sky,

Flying [Am]high or Shana[F]golden, where my young Willy [C]died.


Repeat first verse

Shanagolden Youtube Video By Paddy Day

Second Version With Chords Slightly Different
The[C] cold winds from the[F] mountains,are calling soft to[C] me,
The[D] smell of scented[Em] heather,brings[Am] bitter memo[G7]ries,
The wild and lonely[C] eagle,up[Am] in the summer[G7] sky,
Flies[Am] high or Shanna[F]golden,where my young Willy[C] lies 
Do you remember darling,we walked the moonlight road,
I held you in my arms then,I'd never let you go,
Our hands they were entwined my love all in the pale moonlight,
By the fields of Shanagolden,on a lonely winters night.
Then came the call to arms my love,and the hills they were aflamed,
Down from the silent mountain,the Saxon strangers came,
I held you in my arms then,my young heart wild with fear,
By the fields of Shanagolden,in the spring time of the year.
And yoy fought them darling Willy,all through thoes summer days,
I heard the rifles firing,in the mountaing far away,
I held you in my arms then,your blood ran free and bright,
And you died in Shanagolden on a lonely winters night.
Oh but that was long ago my love,and our son grows fine and tall,
The hills they are at peace again,the Saxon strangers gone,
There's roses on your grave my love,there's an eagle in the sky,
Flying high or Shanagolden,where my young Willy dien.
[Repeat first verse]


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