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Nancy Myles lyrics and chords

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Nancy Myles Lyrics And Chords-Kevin Sheerin. Recorded by Foster&Allen and by Johnny McEvoy.

[G]Nancy was a[D7] tinker girl, who[G] roamed the country roads,
And I will[G] tell you, how she came to be a legend in her[D7] time.
And the[G] reason that I've[D7] come to know,[G] well, the tinker told me so
So[G] all of us could[C] better know the[D7] tale of Nancy[G] Myles.


[G]Before the age of[D7] twenty one, a[C] hundred men had[G] come and gone
[G]None of them could win the gleam of love that was in her[D7] eyes.
And sure[G] any man who[D7] loved her then,[G] never was the same again.
His memory was[C] haunted with [D7]thoughts of Nancy [G]Myles

There's pretty girls in magazines, movie stars and beauty queens,
Nancy was the prettiest girl a mand had ever seen,
And the gleam of love within her eyes when she'd look at you and smile
Made you feel you were the man she'd longed to see.

In every town and village too the name of Nancy grew and grew,
Soon her name was spoken at many a camp fire site.
And in Ballinasloe on her pare day, when tinker men would have their say,
Many a fight was fought to win the court of Nancy Myles.

I hope that you don't get me wrong, Nancy was the sweetest one,
Heart so full of kindness and as charming as her smile.
She was known throughout the land, the queen of all the tinker clan,
'Twas the dream of every man to marry Nancy Myles.

Before the age of thirty-one, a thousand men had come and gone,
None of them could win the gleam of love that was in her eyes.
Every man that loved her then never was the same again,
His memory was haunted with thoughts of Nancy Myles.

Then there came the saddest day when Nancy's father passed away,
The loss aggrieved her dearly and her heart was filled with pain.
Family friends and courtin' men never saw her smile again,
A change had taken place within the heart of Nancy Myles.

Before the age of forty-one Nancy she had come and gone,
They searched the country over, not a trace of her did find.
Nancy's memory will live on, as long as tinker men are born,
Proudly they will sing the song for the tinker Nancy Myles.

Nancy Myles lyrics and chords


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