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The Rare Auld Times Lyrics + chords

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The Rare Auld Times Lyrics And Chords, Pete St. John. This is probably the most famous Dublin song of all time.A classic from Pete who has written tons of great songs over the years.Unlike other songs this never goes stale and remains a great crowd pleaser. First recorded by The Dublin City Ramblers and later by Ronnie Drew and The Dubliners.

[G]Raised on songs &[C] stor[G]ies
[Em]Heroes of re[C]nown
The[G] passing tales &[C] glor[G]ies
That once was Dublin[D] Town
The[G] hallowed halls and[C] hous[G]es
The[Em] haunting children's[C] rhymes
That[G] once was Dublin[C] Ci[G]ty
In the[D] rare ould[G] times.

[G]Ringa Ringa[C] Ros[G]ey
As the[Em] light de[C]clines
I'll[G] remember Dublin[C] Ci[G]ty
In the[D] rare ould [G]Times.

My name it is Sean Dempsey
As Dublin as could be
Born hard & late in Pimlico
In a house that ceased to be
My trade I was a cooper
Lost out to redundancy
Like my house that fell to progress
My trades a memory

I courted Peggy Digman
As pretty as you please.
A rage and child of Mary
from the rebel liberties
I lost her to a student chap
With skin as back as coal
When he took her off to Birmingham
She took away my soul.

The years have made me bitter
The gargle dims me brain
Cause Dublin keeps on changing
and Nothing seems the same.
The Pillar and the Met have gone
The Royal long since pulled down
As the grey unyielding concrete
Makes a city of my Town.

Fare thee well sweet Anna Liffey
I can no longer stay
And watch me new glass cages that
Spring up along me Ouay
My mind's too full of memories
Too old to hear new chimes
l'm a part of what was Dublin
In the rare ould times.

River Liffey Dublin
Dublin River Liffey

The youtube video of myself playing is to learn you how to play The Rare Auld Times, the key I use is A Major. I place the capo on the second fret and play G, C, D and Em.


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