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Roll Of Honour lyrics and chords

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Roll Of Honour Song Lyrics And Chords. Written by Jerry O' Glacain The Irish Brigade. . Recorded by Eire Og,

[G] Read the roll of [Em] honour for [C] Ireland's bravest [G] men
We must be [Em] united in [Am] memory of the [D] ten,
[G] England you're a [Em] monster, don't [C] think that you have [G] won
We will never [C] be de[G]feated while Ireland [D] has such [G] sons.


In those dreary H-Block cages ten brave young Irishmen lay
Hungering for justice as their young lives ebbed away,
For their rights as Irish soldiers and to free their native land
They stood beside their leader - the gallant Bobby Sands.

Now they mourn Hughes in Bellaghy, Ray McCreesh in Armagh's hills
In those narrow streets of Derry they miss O'Hara still,
They so proudly gave their young lives to break Britannia's hold
Their names will be remembered as history unfolds.


Through the war torn streets of Ulster the black flags did sadly sway
To salute ten Irish martyrs the bravest of the brave,
Joe McDonnell, Martin Hurson, Kevin Lynch, Kieran Doherty
They gave their lives for freedom with Thomas McElwee.

Michael Devine from Derry you were the last to die
With your nine brave companions with the martyred dead you lie
Your souls cry out "Remember, our deaths were not in vain.
Fight on and make our homeland a nation once again !"

This song is about the hunger strike that took place in The Maze prison in Northern Ireland in 1981. It was led by Bobby Sands who was elected an M.P. during the hunger strike. All 10 who rook part died. The song was written by The Irish Brigade from Tyrone.
Patsy O'Hara was a member of the Irish National Liberation Army from Derry, he died on hunger strike on 21 May 1981 in Long Kesh.
The 10 men who died were.
Frances Hughes from Bellaghy Co. Derry died on 12 May aged 25.

Ray McCreesh from Camlough Co. Armagh, died 21 May aged 24. 

Joe McDonnell from Belfast, died on 8th July aged 29. 

Martin Hurson from Cappagh Co. Tyrone died on 13 July aged 25.

Kevin Lynch died on 1st August aged 25.

Kieran Doherty from Belfast died on 2nd August aged 26.

Bobby Sands M.P died on 5th May aged 27 after 66 days.

Thomas McElwee died on August '81 aged 23.

Micky Devine died 20th of August aged 27.


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