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Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn lyrics + chords

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The Sick Bed Of Cuchullain Irish song lyrics and chords, The Pogues, written by Shane MacGowan.

Shane MacGowan

Mc[C]Cormack and Richard [Dm] Tauber
Are [C] singing by the [Dm] bed.
There's a [C] glass of punch be[Dm]low your feet
And an [F] angel at your [C] head.
There's [C] devils on each [Dm] side of you
With [C] bottles in their [Dm] hands.
You need [C] one more drop of [Dm] poison
And you'll [Am] dream of foreign [Am] lands.

When you [F] pissed yourself in [Bb] Frankfurt
And got [C] syph down in Co[F]logne
And you [F] heard the rattling [Bb] death trains
As you [C] lay there all a[F]lone,
Frank [F] Ryan brought you [C] whiskey
In a [Bb] brothel in Ma[C]drid
And you [Bb] decked some fucking [Bb] blackshirt
Who was [C] cursing all the [C] Yids.
At the [F] sick bed of Cu[F]chulainn
We'll [Bb] kneel and say a [F] prayer
And the [Bb] ghosts are rattling [F] at the door
And the [C] devil's in the [F] chair.

And [F] in the Euston [Bb] Tavern
You [C] screamed it was your [F] shout
But they [F] wouldn't give you [Bb] service
So you [C] kicked the windows [F] out.
They [F] took you out in[C]to the street
And [Bb] kicked you in the [C] brains,
So you [Bb] walked back in through a [Bb] bolted door
And [C] did it all a[C]gain.
At the [F] sick bed of Cu[F]chulainn
We'll [Bb] kneel and say a [F] prayer
And the [Bb] ghosts are rattling [F] at the door
And the [C] devil's in than[F] chair

You re[C]member that foul [Dm] evening
When you [C] heard the banshees [Dm] howl,
There was [C] lazy drunken [Dm] bastards
Singing [F] 'Billy is in the [C] bowl.'
They [C] took you up to [Dm] midnight mass
And [C] left you in the [Dm] lurch
So you [C] dropped a button [Dm] in the plate
And [Am] spewed up in the [Am] church.

Now you'll [F] sing a song of [Bb] liberty
For [C] blacks and paks and [F] jocks
And they'll [F] take you from this [Bb] dump you're in
And [C] stick you in a [F] box.
Then they'll [F] take you to Clough[C]prior
And [Bb] shove you in the [C] ground
But you'll [Bb] stick your head back [Bb] out and shout,
"We'll [C] have another [C] round."
At the [F] graveside of Cu[F]chulainn
We'll [Bb] kneel around and [F] pray
And [Bb] God is in His [F] heaven,
And [C] Billy's down by the [F] bay.


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