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The Langer lyrics + chords

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The Langer Lyrics And Chords. Written by Tim O'Riordan and Natural Gas. A real Cork song

The Langer
By Tim O'Riordan & Natural Gas
Have[G] you seen the young[D] man,
The[G] drunken auld[C] lout,
[G]Roaring and[D] bawling and[G] spilling his[D] stout,
And in[G] everyone's busi[D]ness,
You'll[G] first see his[C] snout,
Down in[G] Cork, he'd be[D] known as a[G] Langer!
L[D]anger,[G] Langer
[C]Down in[G] Cork, he'd be[D] known as a[G] Langer!
Féach an phleice amach romhainn,
ag bladairt trína thóin
Níl gaelinn ag éine,
dár leis, ach é féin
Tá aige fomhraíocht sár-bhinn,
Is gramadach fíor chrinn,
I gCorcaigh, gan dabht, sé an Langer!
An langer, an langer
I gCorcaigh, gan dabht, sé an Langer!
From Mitchelstown to Cape Clear,
You'll be welcome down here,
For there's plenty of scenery,
Music and beer,
But avoid the rugby weekend in Kinsale,
Cos every year without fail,
The town gets infested with Langers!
Langers, langers
Ah the town gets infested with Langers!
In two thousand and five,
Culture will thrive,
All along the green banks of the Lee (good man George!)
But no matter what,
Even if you arrive on your yacht,
We'll tolerate absolutely nobody acting the Langer! (Certainly not in Crosshaven!)
Langer, langer
There'll be nobody acting the Langer
On the Lee and the Nore
This auld game we adore
Sure we follow our teams anywhere
But what we'd like to know
Is why do all the good match tickets go?
Ending up in the hands of some Langer!
Langer, langer
Ending up in the hands of some Langer!
So there was me song,
I didn't keep you too long,
For now ye all know one more word of Cork slang,
And while there's meat on me bones,
I hope I'll never be known,
As a typical, home-grown Cork Langer!
Langer, Langer
As a typical home-grown Cork Langer!

The Langer song lyrics
Chords and tab to The Langer by natural gas


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