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Song Of Liberty lyrics + chords

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Song Of Liberty Lyrics And Chords. G. Verdi. Arr. 'The Wolfe Tones' , lyrics Brian Warfield. This is a pretty hard song to cover , But God loves a try er , If you want to play along with The Wolfe Tones , then play in the key of 'F. [Folk Song]

LIBERTY   Wolfe Tones/Jennie Sibley
Music Verdi (the Slaves Chorus from "Nabucco")
[G]Stand beside me for peace and for[D7] liberty
For[G] freedoms de[C]nied to many[D] nations.
With sad e[G]motions ,for borders that[D] run through these lands
In the[G] hope that with[C] justice and peace[D7] all will be[G] free.
[G]Free the[D] earth of weapons of[Em] war, of[A7] death and de[D]struction,
[G]Should the[C] strong deny the weak when[A] it's justice we[C] seek for all.
With sad e[G]motion for people of[D7] these troubled  lands
And the[G] hope that all[C] nations at[G] war[D7] will find[G] peace
For u[D]nited we stand,
Linking our[A] hands throughout this[D] world
Making[A7] chains of  love that won’t be[G] bro[D]ken.
We are[D] singing this song,
Knowing our[A] heart cannot be[D] wrong
With the[A7] love of all struggling[D] people
For I[D7] hate to see children [D]crying

We must[D7] stop all their[?] sorrow and[D] dying.
Stand be[G]side me for peace and for[D7] liberty
With the hope[G] that all[C] nations at[G] war[D7] will find[G] peace
It's a[Em] wish[G] that our[D] lands will find[D7] justice with peace
We will[Em] sing[G] you this[C] song ,[D] just for[D7] you liber[G]ty , liberty , liberty

The elusive prize of peace has eluded the Irish people for
generations. Over the centuries the have seen very limited periods
of peace in the country. Almost every generation suffered
either wars,invasion, conquests or re-conquests. Land confiscations
 ejections and evictions, famine or religious persecution.
The song is written to the melody composed by Verdi. The words
are supportive of people who have because of powerful colonial
natioms imposing borders and boundries across their lands
not caring about the consequences of their actions.
Take a look at all the trouble spots and you will find that there
was a colonial power there at some stage who lefe behide
a mess and division, the children of the world are our
future and our concern, for I hate to see children crying.
We must stop all their suffering and dying. Stand beside
me for peace and for liberty.


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