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Twice Daily lyrics + chords

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Twice Daily Lyrics And Guitar Chords-Folk Song- Written by Adge Cutler. Also recorded bt The Wolfe Tones and The Worzels, see notes below.

[D]When I was a lad I was so glad to go out in the [A]daytime
With me fork, a bottle and a cork to help out in the [D]haytime
Tossin' hay one fine day I met young Lucy[A] Bailey
And I said my dear "Are you often here", she said "Yes sir, twice[D] daily"

Well we had such fun in the summer sun, Lucy was so thrillin'
So sweet and pure but I wasn't sure if that girl was willin'
Until one day among the hay we were working gaily
When she up's and slips and her garters ripped and I went there twice daily

[D]Did the rum do dee, did de rum do da, did the rum da do do[A] randy
Did the rye do dee, did the rye do da, did the rye do dee, twice[D] daily

Well Lucy's dad he was very mad, he chased me 'round the haybarn
He said "You son, now you've had your fun, the time has come to pay now"
"The girl you'll wed", the old man said as he waved his shotgun gaily
"If you don't", he says, "where I'll put the lead you won't sit there twice daily"

So the very next day in the month of May we held the ceremony
And we paid off the vicar with a gallon of liquor, and we rode to church on a pony
To Lucy's joy we had a boy, what a little darlin'
He's round and fat as a Cheshire cat, as perky as a starlin'

Did the rum do dee, did de rum do da, did the rum da do do randy
Did the rye do dee, did the rye do da, did the rye do dee, twice daily

Well now we're old, our story's told, forty years together
Tho' we often stray where we tossed the hay in that old time summer weather
Well, kids we've got ten or more, we goes on quiet gaily
Tho' I'm old and grey when I've got me way I still go there twice daily

Did the rum do dee, did de rum do da, did the rum da do do randy
Did the rye do dee, did the rye do da, did the rye do dee, twice daily

"Twice Daily (Adge Cutler): This Adge Cutler song was originally recorded as part of the session for Adge Cutler & The Wurzels' first album at the Royal Oak, Nailsea on 2nd November 1966. The song was coupled with Drink Up Thy Zider on the band's first single, which reached no. 45 in the national charts in early 1967. Although "Zider" was popular in its own right, the record partly owed it success to the fact that Twice Daily was banned from the air by the BBC! As you could have predicted, this only helped to get the record into the charts. The song seems innocuous by today's standards, but its references to pre-marital naughty behaviour leading to pregnancy and a shotgun wedding was deemed too strong for the sensitive public by the prim Auntie Beeb of the 1960s. A later recording was made by the Wurzels on the 1975 "Scrumptious" album. Pete Budd still sings this at Wurzels' gigs, and it's as popular as ever!"


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