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Veronica Guerin lyrics + chords

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Veronica Guerin Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written by Darby O'Gill -Kickin Nasty Hobbits . A tribute to Irish journalist Veronica Guerin who was murdered by those involved in the importing of drugs into Ireland. This song is one of the most popular on the site and a fine tribute to the writer.(c) 1996 Kenneth R. Andresen Music by John O’Connell – Words by Ken Andresen
Vocal by John O’Connell – Accordion by Ken Andresen – Bass by
Brent Rogers
After watching Veronica's Husband hold their son over her coffin so that he could kiss her good bye, I just had to write something.[ Ken Andresen ]

Capo 3rd fret
Am C
They prowl the streets of Ireland,
G Am
Preying on our teens.
They think they’re indestructible,
G Am
as they expand their factions range.
Their minds are sick with injury,
to their bodies and their souls.
Am C
From potions of great adultery,
Em Am
that seize desire and hope.
Veronica came to their homes,
a rally of just one.
The drug lords she confronted
with pen instead of gun.
Her copy brought them into light
for Dublin to attend.
But their wretched lives of deceit,
no one would condemn.

Get a good look at me you bastards,
I know what you’re about to do.
But do not shoot me in the face,
That’s all I ask of you.
You’re stealing that which I love most,
and now my life you’ll take.
Am C
Like adding fuel to the fire,
Em Am
you’re making your huge mistake.

No longer could they hide behind
our children they enslaved.
they terrorized her family
and shot her in the leg.
An easy fix, or so they thought,
this lowbred act of fright.
But to their homes she visited
on crutches that very night.
She stood there face to face with them
her wound she did display.
And told them she’d not let them win,
that’s not this country’s way.
Our future won’t be vanquished
don’t dare to think you’ve won.
Our dreams you cannot pillage,
with thug or drug or gun.
The world looked on with faint applaud
for Guerin and her grit.
she continued on with solo torch,
to keep the wicked lit.
A solitary voice of suit,
to assembly she would cry.
To fix these broken civil laws,
or watch the country die.

To the outlaws it seemed easy,
The thing that they must do
To silence this annoyance,
This stone caught in their shoe.
So, then in June of ‘96
while waiting for a light.
Two messengers from the crime lord,
rode up to end their plight.

While on the phone to friends of hers,
she talked of battles won.
Then turning to encounter
The hit man with a gun.
Veronica asked of but one thing,
which he granted five that day.
It was to not shoot her in the face,
but in some other way.

All of Ireland came to the wake,
The world likewise did.
As her husband held her son of eight,
to kiss her coffin lid.
Since then the country’s changed the laws,
to the door steps they did march.
And jail these great deceivers,
and soulless thieves of heart.

Now in the streets the people meet, united in her cry.
In groups of hundreds more or less,
all holding torches high.
They light the way to stand in front
of the homes the outlaws dwell.
And voice demands, they leave this land,
and take their ranks in hell.

Irish Songs Lyrics And Chords

Veronica Guerin Song Lyrics


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