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Won't Never Forget lyrics + chords

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Won't Never Forget. Lyrics And Chords-Written By Joshua Paul McLaughlin

This song is about surviving troublesome times in various cities and towns in New England.

C                                G

Oh, once in a while I light up me pipe

        A                                    Em

And think of the times in my life that went right

           C                                 G

Some others remain I won’t never forget

       G7                     C

It amazes me how I never died yet! 

(verse #1)

C                                  G

One time in the forest deep within Maine

          A                                        Em

some has beens spat on me shirt and me good name

   C                                   G

I unsheathed me knife as cold as the sea

      G7                                           C

As three drunken has beens came runnin’ at me.


The blade it did frighten those fellas right back

      A                                         Em

Me brother and cohorts moved in to attack

      C                                                  G

We moved with great speed with the knuckles and fist

        G7                                         C

And tossed a few has beens right into the ditch! (chorus) 

(verse #2)

There once was party down in Roxbury

On Halloween night with the devil’s fury

I wanted no trouble but soon I did find

Them Nancy’s from Everett jumped me from behind.

A Yankee Candle was smashed over me head

I bled so much crimson, Jim thought I was dead

We escaped to the street but me skull had been hit

nineteen stitches and hospital bills I did get. (chorus) 

(verse #3)

When leaving the bar room in Providence Town

Some New Bedford boys pushed two lassies around

Jimbo and I moved in like a flash

With intentions to kick those bastards in the ass!

The numbers might have been their ten to our two

But those are good odds for the Donnybrook Crew

We battled like Dempsey, courageous and strong

That’s how I treat those who treat women wrong. (chorus) 


Once up in Lincoln I had party thoughts

At me cousin’s house right next to the cop shop

The man did arrive to bust up the shindig

I dropped my belongings and ran from the pig.

Me feet were like lightning, like greyhounds do stride

No jail cell to hold me, not me, not tonight

I flew through dooryards like a bat that’s hell bent

And then I ran smack dab right into a fence.

Me wind was knocked out, no more could I run

So much for me night full of drinks and much fun

I surrendered in vain and thus ends me race

As that donut shop vagrant maced me in the face! (chorus) 

Won't Never Forget lyrics and guitar chords


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