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Peggy Gordon lyrics and chords

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Peggy Gordon Lyrics And Chords A traditional song which comes from Scotland. Made famous by 'The Dubliners' ,,a classic song that will live forever , and so will The Dubliners music. Luke Kelly on vocals.

Oh[D] Peggy Gordon you[G] are my[D] dar[A]ling,
[G]Come sit you[D] down upon my[A] knee,
[G]Come tell to[D] me the[G] very[D] reas[A]on,
[G]Why I am[D] slighted[A],so by[D] thee,
I wish I was in some lonesome vally,where woman kind cannot be found,
Where the pritty small birds,do change their voices,and every moment a differend sound.
Im so in love that I cant deny it,my heart lies smothered in my breast,
But its not for you to lrt the world know it,a troubled mind can know no rest.
I did put my head to a cask of brandy,it was my fancy I do declare,
For when im drinking I am always thinking,and wishing Peggy Gordon was here.
[Repeat first verse]

Key Of G Major
Oh[G] Peggy Gordon you[C] are my[G] dar[D]ling,
[C]Come sit you[G] down upon my[D] knee,
[C]Come tell to[G] me the[C] very[G] reas[D]on,
[C]Why I am[G] slighted[D],so by[G] thee,
Key Of C.
Oh[C] Peggy Gordon you[F] are my[C] dar[G]ling,
[F]Come sit you[C] down upon my[G] knee,
[F]Come tell to[C] me the[F] very[C] reas[G]on,
[F]Why I am[C] slighted[G],so by[C] thee,

Luke Kelly used to drink in O'Donughue's pub in Baggot Street, he had a friendly personality and when he began to sing people took notice and loved it. Luke Kelly was the type of character you could not igbore. He had great integrity and always stood up for what he believed in.
The first gig with Ronnie Drew and luke kelly happened in O' Donoghue's with Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke who was an agricultural student in university, in those days you had to ask permission to sing in a pub, well said Ronnie can we play a few tunes to Paddy O Donoghue and they still haven't stopped playing.

Learn how to play Peggy Gordon on the guitar. I use the same set of chords in the youtube video as what's on the page, key of D Major.


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