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Matthew lyrics chords - johnny McEvoy

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Matthew  lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written By  Johnny McEvoy. As Marc Fahrbach who worked out the chords said - this is really a great song and again I thought it was a bit more complicated than our standard folk songs which normally have much clearer changes in chords and usually use guitars in the music, something that's missing here.  So thanks for making me learn this song and also thanks for the challenge, well you are right Marc, perhaps that's what makes Johnny such a great songwriter who is not fearful from breaking from the norm with his writing, it certainly gives us guitar players a challenge. If you are a fan of Johnny McEvoy's music then you will already know what the song is about, no need for me to explain.

The Youtube video is by Padraig Grimes, Padraig uses
his own chord arrangement here. Mostly going from the
G' chord to the C' and back. Great version.

MATTHEW (Johnny McEvoy) 3/4 (Use Capo on 1st fret)


Intro G7-C-F-Am-F-C-G-C


(C)What are you thinking of (F)Matthew my (Am)friend

As you (C)sit in your (Am)room all a(G)lone

You can (C)see the bright lights in the (F)city be(Am)low

In the (C)place where you (G)once called your (C)home

And I'm (F)sure you can still hear the (C)laughter and (Am)noise

Of your (C)kids as they run and they (G)play

And you (C)thought you were doing the (F)best that you (Am)could

But it (C)just didn't (G7)work out that (C)way



(F)Just didn't (G7)work out, (C)just didn't (Am)work out

(F)Just didn't (G)work out that (C)way

You (F)thought you were doing the (C)best that you (Am)could

But it (C)just didn't (G7)work out that (C)way


And your (C)mother's long gone and your (F)father is (Am)too

There's (C)times you (Am)wish you were (G)dead

And this (C)morning the nurse took your (F)whiskey a(Am)way

When she (C)said you're not (G)right in the (C)head

And (F)when your wife calls you can't (C)think of her (Am)name

And her (C)visits get shorter each (G)day

And you (C)wish in your heart you could (F)walk out that (Am)door

But it (C)just doesn't (G7)work out that (C)way




I can (C)see you've been thinking a(F)gain of the (Am)past

And the (C)place where the (Am)tall cedar (G)grows

You re(C)member the evening you (F)planted that (Am)tree

But I'm (C)sure that no(G)body elce (C)does

And it (F)grew to the sky as the (C)years drifted (Am)by

And I'm (C)sure it's still standing to(G)day

But (C)Matthew it's somebody (F)elces tree (Am)now

Cause it (C)just didn't (G7)work out that (C)way




So (C)close your eyes Matthew say good (F)night to the (Am)world

There's a (C)better one (Am)waiting for (G)you

Your (C)time here is over, it's (F)time to move (Am)on

There's (C)nothing here (G)left you can (C)do

But you (F)could have moved mountains and (C)danced on the (Am)moon

You (C)could have turned night into (G)day

And you (C)thought you were doing the (F)best that you (Am)could

But it (C)just didn't (G7)work out that (C)way


Chorus twice

Johnny McEvoy lyrics


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