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Beeswing lyrics and chords

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Beeswing Lyrics And Guitar Chords, Written By Richard Thompson And Recorded By Christy Moore.

I [G] 18 when i came to town thay called it the summer of love
burning babies burning flags the [D]against the[C]doves
i[G]took a job at the steaming way down on caltrim street
[G]fell in love with a laundry girl that was[D] working next to[C]me
[G]brown hair zig zagged across her face and a look of half suprise
[G] like a fox caught in the headlights there was[D] animal in her[C] eyes
[G] she said to me cant you see im not the factory kind
if you dont get me out of here il[D] surely lose my[C] mind
[EM]she was a rare thing fine as a[G] bees wing
[EM]  so fine a breath of[D] wind might blow[C] her away
[EM she was a lost child she was[G] running wild[she said]
[EM]so long as theres no[D] price on love il[C] stay.

we busked around the market towns fruit picking down in kent
we could tinker pots and pans or knives wherever we went
we were camping down the gower one time,the work was might good
she could,nt wait for the harvest i thought we should
i said to here we,ll settle down,get a few acres dug
a fire burning in the heart and babbies on the rug
she said oh man you foolish man that surely sounds like hell
you might be lord to half the world you,l not own me as well

we were drinking more in does days our tempers reached a pitch
like a fool i let her run away when she got the rambling itch
last i heard she was living rough back on the derby beat
a bottle of white horse in her pocket,a wolfhound at her feet
thay say she got married once to a man called romanie brown
even a gypse caravan was to much like settling down
thay say here rose has faded,rough weather and hard booze
maybe thats the price you pay for the chains that you refuse

she was a rare thing fine as a bees wing
i miss her more than ever words can say
if i couold just taste all her wildness now
if i could hold her in my arms today
i[Am] wouldnt want her[Em] any other[C] way

Beeswing Chords And Lyrics


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