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Bard Of Armagh lyrics and guitar chords

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The Bard Of Armagh lyrics and guitar chords-Irish Folk Song- Written By Thomas Campbell 1801 and is set to the tune ''Streets Of Laredo'' Recorded By The Clancys And Tommy Makem. The youtube video is of  Billy Finnegan.3/4 (Thomas Campbell)

The lyrics below fit singer Billy Finnegan on his album ‚My Irish Homeland’. His version uses the same general chord structure but is played in a key of E major (D=E, G=A, A=B, A7=B7) with a change of key in the last two verses (D=F, G=Bb, A=C, A7=C7).



Intro: D-A7-D-A   D-A-(D-A)-D

Oh, (D)list to the (G)lay of a (D)poor Irish (A)harper
And (D)scorn not the (A)strings of his (D)withered old (G)hand
Re(D)member his (A7)fingers they (D)once could move (A)sharper
To (D)raise up the (A)memory of his (D)dear na(A)tive (D)land
When (D)I was a (G)young lad, King (D)Jamie did (A)flourish
And I (D)followed the (A)wars in my (D)brogues bound with (G)straw
And (D)all the fair (A7)colleens from (D)Wexford to (A)Durrish
Called me (D)bold Phelim (A)Brady, the (D)Bard of (A)Ar(D)magh

Repeat Intro

How I (D)long for to (G)muse on the (D)days of my (A)boyhood
Though (D)four score and (A)three years have (D)flitted since (G)then
Still it (D)gives sweet re(A7)flections, as (D)every young (A)joy should
For (D)light hearted (A)boys make the (D)best of (A)old (D)men
At (D)pattern or (G)fair I could (D)twist my (A)shillelagh
Or (D)trip through the (A)jig with my (D)brogues bound with (G)straw
Whilst (D)all the pretty (A7)maidens a(D)round me a(A)ssembled
Loving (D)bold Phelim (A)Brady the (D)Bard of (A)Ar(D)magh

Repeat Intro

Al(D)though I have (G)travelled this (D)wide world (A)over
For (D)Erin's a (A)home and a (D)parent to (G)me
Then, (D)oh, let the (A7)ground that my (D)old bones shall (A)cover
Be (D)cut from the (A)soil that is (D)trod by (A)the (D)free

And (D)when Sergeant (G)Death in his (D)cold arms em(A)brace me
Oh, (D)lull me to (A)sleep with (D)"Erin Go (G)Bragh"
By the (D)side of my (A7)Kathleen, my (D)young wife oh (A)place me
Then for(D)get Phelim (A)Brady , the (D)Bard of (A)Ar(D)magh

Repeat Intro


Here are the song words without the chords

Oh, list to the lay of a poor Irish harper
And scorn not the strings of his withered old hand
Remember his fingers they once could move sharper
To raise up the memory of his dear native land

When I was a young lad, King Jamie did flourish
And I followed the wars in my brogues bound with straw
And all the fair colleens from Wexford to Durrish
Called me bold Phelim Brady, the Bard of Armagh

Repeat Intro

How I long for to muse on the days of my boyhood
Though four score and three years have flitted since then
Still it gives sweet reflections, as every young joy should
For light hearted boys make the best of old men

At pattern or fair I could twist my shillelagh
Or trip through the jig with my brogues bound with straw
Whilst all the pretty maidens around me assembled
Loving bold Phelim Brady the Bard of Armagh

Repeat Intro

Although I have travelled this wide world over
Yet Erin's a home and a parent to me
Then, oh, let the ground that my old bones shall cover
Be cut from the soil that is trod by the free

And when Sergeant Death in his cold arms embrace me
Oh, lull me to sleep with "Erin Go Bragh"
By the side of my Kathleen,my young wife oh place me
Then forget Phelim Brady , the Bard of Armagh



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