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Whiskey on a Sunday lyrics+chords

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Whiskey On A Sunday Song Lyrics And Chords, Glen Hughes Danny Doyle had a mighty hit with this song,
He was born in Dublin but now lives in America. The sheet music and tin whistle notes for Whiskey On A Sunday are included, There is a three chord version included.

He[C] sits on the[Am] corner of[Dm] Beggers[F] Bush,the[G] stride of an old packing[C] case,
And the[Am] dolls at the end of the[Dm] plank were [F]dancing,as he[G] crooned wit a smile on his[C] face.
[Am]Come day[Dm] go day,[G]wishing me heart it was [C]Sunday,
[Am]Drinking Buttermilk[Dm] all the week,[G]Whiskey on a[C] Sunday 
His tired old hands from the wodde beam,
And the puppets they danced up and down,
A far better show than you ever will see,
In the fanciest theater in tow.
In nineteen O two old Seth Davy died,
And his song was heard no more,
The three dancing dolls in the dustbin were thrown,
And the plank went to mend the back door.
On some stormy night when your passing that way,
With the wind blowing up from the sea,
You can still hear the sound of old Seth Davy,
As he croons to his dancing dolls three.
Here is a simplified version of the chords
He[D] sits on the corner of[Em] Beggers[G] Bush
A[A] stride of an old packing[D] case
And the[D] dolls at the end of the[Em] plank were [G]dancing
As he[A] crooned with a smile on his[D] face
La,la la,la[D] come day[Em] go day
[A]Wishing me heart it was[D] Sunday
[D]Drinking buttermilk[Em] all the week
[A]Whiskey on a[D] Sunday


Whiskey On A Sunday Sheet Music Tin Whistle Notes
Whiskey On A Sunday Sheet Music Tin Whistle Notes

Learned from Jackie and Bridie at their
club in Liverpool. I recorded this at the Adelphi
Leeds Bridge. Leeds was a great City for me in
the 60s. I had a good following and got to know
some great singers there. Among them Alan ''Spud''
Taylor, Bob Pegg and Alma Ford, Andy Turner and
Jeff Wood to name but a few. It was a special time
in my life and I'll always be greatful for the
music and friendship I found there.
Christy Moore Notes On Seth Davy


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