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Aiden McAnespie Lyrics And Chords

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Aiden McAnespie Lyrics And Chords. Written By Gerry Conningham While walking past a British army check point on 21s feb 1988 in Aughnacloy Co Tyrone Aiden MacAnespie was shot dead he was 24 years old, recorded by Derek Warfield , and also Charlie And The Bhoys. I have included the tin whistle music also.

It[G] was on a Sunday evening,as the[C] sun shone in the[D] sky,
As he walked his way to the Gaelic pitch never[C] thinking he was[D] going to[G] die,
And[G] as he crossed the check point,the[C] sound of gunfire[D] came,
The news spread through the border town,[C]Aiden MacA[D]nespie[G] slane.
For years he was harressed by the forces of the crown
As he went to work each morning he left his native town
The solders swore they'd get him,for reasons no one can tell,
And sure enofe they murdered him,in cold blood on that sunny day.
Oh[C] why did you[D] do it,have you[G] not the guts to say,
You[C] say it was an[D] accident or[C] even a rico[D]chet,
Just like[G] Loughall and[C] Gibralter your[D] lies are just the same,
You murdered Aiden MacAnespie on his[C] way to the [D]Gailic[G] ground.
The people heard the gunfire and came from miles around,
They saw the young man lying there,he was bleeding on the ground,
The flow of life was ebbing fast though people they tried their best,
The bullet wound was far too deep,it had passed right through his chest.
Aiden's life was ended,it was time for judgement day
The soldier jumped down from the tower,the coward he ran away,
God's course upon you England,for this cruel deed that you have done,
But God will have the final say when judgement day it comes.
To say it was an accidend was the greatest crime of all,
To thoes heart-broken family's the worst they could befall,
Now a cross markes that lonely spot where young Aiden was shot down,
As he strolled along on that sunny day on his way to the Gailic ground.

Aiden McAnespie Tin Whistle Notes
D' C B A B C D' B
B C D' C B A
G' F'# F'# F'# E' D' E' D'
A B C C C B A D' B
D' C B A B C D' B
B C D' C B A
G' F'# F'# F'# E' D' E' D'
D' G' G' G' F'# F'# E' E' D' E' D' C B
D' G' G' G' G' F'# F'# E' E' D' D' E' D' C B A
D' C B A B C D' B
B C D' C B A
G' F'# F'# F'# E' D' E' D'


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