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Smoke And Strong Whiskey lyrics chords
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Smoke And Strong Whiskey lyrics and chords for Christy Moore, written by Wally Page and taken from the 1991 album ''Smoke And Strong Whiskey''

Kids[D] wear white garters, and[G] smell like their mothers
Whose[C] husbands and[G] fathers alike
Drink[D] black beer in the[C] same public houses
Smelling[D] of [G]smoke and[C] strong [G]whiskey.
Mammies and daddies, skipping ropes
Lectures from priests, living in hope
That they've not mistaken the brand of their coats
They've paid for by spiritual teachings.
A busy year this, streets running red
How many sent to their nuptial bed
How many sent home to a winter of grave
How many wait in for the slaughter.
It's Easter again, and we cannot forget
Our brothers and sisters and all that was said
So practice your pipes, stand proud in the wet.
For the eyes of the world are upon you.
[G]Oh, oh, the[D] holy ground,[C] Cead mile failte,
There's[Am] saints and there's scholars to[D] see
[G]Oh,[Em] oh, the[D] holy ground,
[C]Far away hills ain't as[Am] green as they[D] once used to be
Seventeen years, Kelly is a man
Who stands on the street with a gun in his hand
He's protecting the pipers that play in the band
While the enemy waits with an army
God in his mercy has given us men
To lead us to peace but they can't bring an end
To the profits that pay off the lease on the land
We're still sending them over the water
Dia le h Eireann, suckle the empire.
Dia le h Eireann, suffer the loss.
Of the green and the blue while the media feeds
On the blood and the pain and the hatred.
Father walks home on a colourless nigh
The organization has blinded his sight
His wife and his kids are sleeping tonight
In the arms of sweet Jesus and Mary.

Here is a recording from the London
Paladium in the 1980s. I'm unsettled
in the preformance and I keep steppin
across Jimmy's playing making it difficult
for him to establish his pattern. It has been
a fault of my live preformance work and Ive
often seen pain on the faces of my collaborators
as they try to hang on to where the song is
leading us. I inclose it for it's awkwardness
it's audience participation and discomford.
Smoke And Strong Whiskey - Christy Moore Notes.
On The Box Set Version.


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