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The Merman lyrics and chords

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The Merman-The Wolfe Tones song lyrics and guitar chords.Irish Folk Song- The guitar chords were worked out by Marc Fahrbach.

THE MERMAN 4/4 (Brian Warfield)




I’m a (D)sailorman from (G)Wexford town,

I’ve (D)sailed the seven (A)seas,

I will (D)tell you a true (G)story

Of the (D)sunny southern (G)seas.

We were (D)caught up in the (G)doldrums

While (D)waiting for a (G)breeze

When the (D)stillness of the (G)day was broke

By a (Bm)merman in the (A)deep blue (D)seas.

Well the (G)captain he (D)slept below

While the (G)crew they lay a(D)bout

When (G)down in the (D)ocean, boys

We heard this mighty (G)shout.

His (D)hair was red, his (G)eyes were green,

His (D)beard was floating (G)free

He’d a (D)long green tail that could (G)kill a wale

That (Bm)waggled in the (A)deep blue (D)sea.



An the (D)mermaids looked so (G)beautiful

As they (D)swam around by the (A)shore

But this (D)merman with his (G)fishy tail

I’ve (D)never seen be(G)fore.

And (D)sailors tell the (G)tallest tales

I’ve (D)never told a (G)lie;

He’d a (D)long green tail that could (G)kill a wale

that (Bm)wobbled as he (A)swam close (D)by.




Was it (D)Neptune that (G)appeared to us

From his (D)mansions in the (A)deep?

Then the (D)cook O’Toole then he (G)ran below,

Woke the (D)captain from his (G)sleep.

And the (D)captain came on (G)deck at once

Took a (D)look into the (G)deep.

“Oh, I’ve (D)never seen the (G)likes of this!”

The (Bm)merman then he (A)soon did (D)greed.

“Then (G)who are you, where do (D)you come from,

(G)What do you want (D)here?”

Then he (G)shook his tail, it (D)rocked the boat,

It filled our hearts with (G)fear.

“You’ve (D)dropped your anchor (G)on my house,

Its (D)blocking up me (G)door

And my (D)wife, the mermaid, she’s (G)trapped inside

and my (Bm)children can’t get (A)out no (D)more.




Well, we (D)quickly hoisted (G)anchor, boys

And the (D)merman than did (A)smile:                      

“Sure, me (D)name is Patrick (G)John O’Rourke,

I (D)came from Erin’s (G)isle.

It was (D)many years a(G)go from now,

I was (D)shipwrecked on the (G)reef,

When this (D)pretty mermaid she (G)rescued me,

From the (Bm)perils of the (A)ocean (D)deep.

And we (G)very soon were (D)married,

Way (G)down in the deep blue (D)seas.

Now I’m (G)happy and con(D)tented,

With my wife and fami(G)ly.

Though I (D)oft times wish I (G)could go home

and (D)life on Ireland’s (G)shore.

But I’m co(D)mmitted to the (G)ocean deep

and I (Bm)can’t go home a(A)gain no (D)more.”




Wolfe Tones lyrics and chords The Merman


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