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Sally Wheatley

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Sally Wheatley, Irish song lyrics and guitar chords, Written by Joe Wilson and preformed here on video by The Dubliners with Sean Cannon doing the singing, guitar chords provided by Marc Fahrbach.Sally Wheatley is from Newcastle upon Tyne. It was written by a man called Joe Wilson who wrote many songs for music halls etc in the 19 century,

Special chord used in this song:

G*:       3 2 0 0 1 3 (G with C on 2nd string) alternatively use C


Intro: C-Am-D-G


Now I'm (G)most depressed and sad

Where I (C)once was blithe and (G)glad

I could (C)trip about the (G)town both trim and (D)neatly

I was (G)happy (G*)night and (G)morn'

But from (C)all such joys I'm (G)shorn

Since I (C)fell so deep in (Am)love with Sally (D)Wheat(G)ley



And it's (C)Oh, (Em)dear (D)me, what am (G)I gonna dee

Sally stole away me heart com(D)pletely

And I'll (G)never get it back, for she (C)gans with mister (G)Black

And they (C)say he's going to (Am)marry Sally (D)Wheat(G)ley


Now I (G)never saw such a lass

And I (C)know she likes her (G)glass

She could (C)toss a pot of (G)whiskey over (D)neatly

Now it's (G)right to (G*)take a (G)drop

When you (C)know just when to (G)stop

That was (C)just the very (Am)way with Sally (D)Wheat(G)ley


Repeat Chorus


How I (G)felt I didn't know

The (C)first time I Sally (G)saw

In a (C)threesome reel she (G)hopped about so (D)neatly

Well I (G)might have (G*)had a (G)chance

If I (C)asked her up to (G)dance

But I (C)was over shy to (Am)speak to Sally (D)Wheatl(G)ey


Repeat Chorus


Now he (G)must have made it right

When he (C)took her home that (G)night

'Cause (C)after work, dressed up, he (G)goes to see her (D)nightly

There's great (G)danger (G*)in de(G)lay

Or I (C)wouldn't be sad to(G)day

If I (C)had me heart to (Am)break for Sally (D)Wheat(G)ley


Repeat Chorus twice

...And they (C)say he's going to (Am)marry Sally (D)Wheat(G)ley


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