Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

Give Ireland Back To The Irish

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Give Ireland Back To The Irish lyrics and chords, written by Paul MaCartney. The video is of Charlie And The Bhoys, the guitar chords match the video and were worked out by Marc Fahrbach who is a mighty guitar player from Germany with a love of Irish music and has help me so much with guitar chords.
                                    IRISH 3/4 (Paul McCartney)

Give (D)Ireland back to the (G)Irish
Don't (D)make them have to take it a(A)way
Give (D)Ireland back to the (G)Irish
Make (D)Ireland (A7)Irish to(D)day

Great (D)Britain, you are tre(E)mendous
And (G)nobody knows like (D)me
But really what are you (E)doin'
In the (G)land across the (D)sea
Tell me how (Bm)would you (E)like it
If (G)on your way to (D)work
You were (Bm)stopped by Irish (E)soldiers
Would you (G)lie down, do nothing
Would you give in, go ber(A7)serk?

Repeat Chorus
Instrumental Part

Great (D)Britain, and all the (E)people
Say that (G)people must be (D)free
And meanwhile, back in (E)Ireland
There's a (G)man who looks like (D)me

And he (Bm)dreams of God and (E)country
And he's (G)feeling really (D)bad
And he's (Bm)sitting in a (G)prison
Say should he (G)lie down, do nothing
Should he give in, or go (A7)mad?

Repeat Chorus twice



Alternative Version (Use Capo on 4th fret):


Give (G)Ireland back to the (C)Irish
Don't (G)make us have to take it a(D)way
Give (G)Ireland back to the (C)Irish
Make (G)Ireland (D7)Irish to(G)day

Great (G)Britain, you are In(A)druders
And (C)nobody knows like (G)me
So tell me what the hell are you (A)doin'
In this (C)land across the (G)sea
Tell me how (Em)would you (A)like it
If (C)on your way to (G)work
You were (Em)stopped by Irish (A)soldier boys
Would you (C)lie down, do nothing
Would you fight to free your (D7)land?

Repeat Chorus

And (G)England and all its (A)people
Say that (C)people must be (G)free
But meanwhile, here in (A)Ireland
There are (C)lots of men like (G)me

And we (Em)dream of God and (A)country
And we’re (C)feeling really (G)bad
When we’re (Em)lieing in our (A)prison cells
Should we (C)lie down, do nothing
Should we fight to free our (D7)land?

Repeat Chorus several times



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