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Mandolin Music

Mandolin Lessons And Tuning For The Irish Mandolin. This is a guide to get you started, once you learn the basics you'll soon be on your way to reading standard sheet music. There's at least 150 pieces of sheet music on the site which is suitably for most musical instruments including the mandolin and Irish banjo.

Mandolin Scale
Mandolin Tuning

Mandolin Tuning
Mandolin Tuning

The mandolin is tuned the same way as the Irish tenor banjo is tuned, the violin is also tuned the same way. The only difference is there are double strings producing the same note.

Banjo / Mandolin Tabs

Most of the first section of  the Tin Whistle music now includes mandolin sheet music

Mandolin Scale
Mandolin Scale

The above notes are what you will get when playing the strings open, open means not placing your fingers on the strings. These are also the notes on the Irish tenor banjo.

Mandolin Excercise Chart

Start slow with your rist held loosly and play with one down stroke marked like the figure ''n'' to each note, the symble that looks like the letter ''U'' is the upwards stroke which is played twords your head with the plec held firm but not too tight. Remember to keep the wrist loose.

Mandolin Notation

Playing tremolo on the mandolin is really what the
mandolin is all about as it's a melodic instrument.
Melodic meaning the mandolin plays the lead melody
of the tune or song. Playing real sustained tremolo
takes plenty of practise.
Tremolo is where you play rapid re-ireration on each
of the notes in the tune. The aim is to get these notes with
the plecrum very fast as to make the mandolin strings
give a continuous sound.

Boolavogue Music

Here's the sheet music for Boolavogue which is played by most mandolin players in Ireland. It's used mainly for practise because of the wide range of notes in the song. It goes from very low to the high octave and repeats again and again which makes it ideal for learners to practise with. An easy song to get started on would by Molly Malone in the key of D. [tab included]

Finger Position On Mandolin Fretboard

mandolin fretboard
Mandolin Fretboard

Mandolin G Scale

Galway Girl Mandolin Tab

Chords On The Mandolin
The mandolin is also use to play chords which are mostly used to accompany songs rather that tunes. The songs on this site use mostly three or four chords. The diagram below of chord shapes are the ones used the most here. There are many alternative ways to play these chords on the mandolin but the shapes I have below are the easiest way.

Mandolin A Chord

mandolin C Chord

mandolin D Chord

mandolin G Chord


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