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Titrwm Tatrwm

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TITRWM TATRWM 4/4. The lyrics and chords fit Siwsann George’s version from her album ‚Traditional Songs of Wales / Caneuon Traddodiadol Cymru’. Use a capo on the 4th fret.

(Am)Titrwm, (G)tatrwm, (Am)Gwen lliw’r wyn
Lliw (G)meillion (Am)mwyn ’rwy’n (G)curo
Mae’r (Am)gwynt yn oer (G)oddi (Am)ar y (C)llyn
O (C)flodyn y (G)dyffryn, (Am)deffro
Chwyth y tan, mi gynnith (G)toc
Ma’ (Am)hi (G)ddrycinog (Am)heno.

Optional Bridge
Sing one verse just using ’la, la, la...’

(Am)Os ym(G)hell o’m (Am)gwlad yr af
Pa (G)beth a (Am)wnaf ’m (G)genath
Pu(Am)na i (G)mynd hi (Am)hefo (C)mi
Ai (Am)gada’l (G)hi mwen (Am)hia’th?
Hed fy nghalon o bob (G)man
I (Am)frynia a (G)phantia (Am)Pentrath.
Optional instrumental bridge

(Am)Weithia’n (G)Llundain (Am)weithia ’ng Nghaer
Yn (G)gweithio’n (Am)daer am(G)dani;
(Am)Weithia’n (G)gwasgu’r (Am)fun mewn (C)cell
Ac (Am)weithiau mhell (G)oddi (Am)wrthi
Mi gofleidiwn flodau’r (G)rhos
Pe (Am)bawn i’n (G)agos (Am)ati.

Optional Outro
Sing one verse just using ’la, la, la...’

English Translation
Titrwm, tatrwm, Gwen, the colour of lambs,
The colour of clover, I’m knocking,
The wind is cold from the lake
Awake, flower of the vale.
Below the fire to light now
It’s stormy tonight.

If I go a long way fromm y country
What will I do with my lassie
Take her with me,
Or leave her to pine;
My heart flies from every place
To the hills and valleys of Pentraeth

Sometimes in London or Chester
Working my best for her,
Sometimes holding the maiden in a small room,
And sometimes far from her
I would be embracing the flower of the moon
If I were close to her.


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