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Jackson Johnson Jameson And I

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Jackson Johnson Jameson And I lyrics and guitar chords by Colum Sands, an Irish folk song,from the album ‚All My Winding Journeys’ 1996. To play along use capo on 1st fret. 4/4 , guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach.

Sure as (C)I went a walking (G)one fine (C)day
Along with a couple of (G)pals so (C)gay -C-C
The was (F)Jackson, (C)Johnson, (G)Jameson and (C)me
And on what a jolly old (G)time had (C)we -C-C
Now (C)Jackson proposed we should (G)go for a (C)row
So out in a jolly boat we (G)all did (C)go -C-C
Well we (F)weren't (C)long out til the (G)boat up(C)set
And there's no need to tell you that we (G)all got (C)wet

But we (C)wriggled and we giggled and we (G)laughed hee (C)hee -C-C
Drowning in the river was the (G)quare oul (C)spree -C-C
And the (F)people on the (C)banks sure they (G)laughed til they (C)cried
At Jackson, Johnson, (G)Jameson and (C)I -C-C

They (C)managed us ashore amidst (G)great a(C)larm
We were then conveyed to a (G)country (C)farm -C-C
Where they (F)rubbed us and (C)scrubbed us to (G)being us (C)to
And we drank hot whiskey til our (G)ears turned (C)blue -C-C
Well we (C)sat down together and we (G)hung up our (C)clothes
In front of the fire, for to (G)dry I sup(C)pose -C-C
Well they (F)dried and they (C)dried til they (G)couldn't be no (C)drier
And there's no need to tell you that our (G)clothes caught (C)fire

But we (C)wriggled and we giggled and we (G)laughed hee (C)hee -C-C
Our eight shilling suits were a(G)blaze you (C)see -C-C
And (F)wrapped up in (C)blankets we (G)cut a (C)guy
Jackson, Johnson, (G)Jameson and (C)I -C-C

There was (C)nothing but our hat and our (G)boots to be (C)found
The rest of our clothes they were (G)burnt to the (C)ground -C-C
So we (F)made an appli(C)cation to (G)farmer (C)John
As we couldn't go around without our (G)trousers (C)on -C-C
Now the (C)farmer's sons were (G)middle sized (C)boys
And they wore knicky buckers that were (G)made of cordu(C)roys -C-C
When we (F)got in(C)side them we (G)did look (C)flat
With our boots of patent leather and our (G)tall silk (C)hats

But we (C)wriggled and we giggled and we (G)laughed hee (C)hee -C-C
We were a pretty sight the (G)world for to (C)see -C-C
And (F)all along the (C)streets, the (G)dogs did (C)fly
At Jackson, Johnson, (G)Jameson and (C)I


Jackson, Johnson, (G)Jameson and (C)I

Jackson Johnson Jameson And I , an Irish folk song.


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