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The JCB Song

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The JCB Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords By Seamus Moore,this is one of the first records made by Seamus, a classic.

Now (G)  there's a man Delaney, he's a (C)  man of high re-(G)-nown
He's in the plant hire business, (D) here in London (G) town
He has a load of wagons, a (C) Merc and Model (G) T
But the (C) pride of his pos-(G)-sessions, is his (D) yellow JC-(G)-B

Well he (C) takes it down to (G) Nelly's, to the (C)  Bell and to the (G) Crown
And the engine runs on diesel oil, it (D) never lets him (G) down
He (C) takes it to the (G) Galtee, ah but (C) only for the (G) craic
With De-(C)-laney at the (G) steering wheel, and the (D) subbies in the (G) back

Well the inside of his JCB, is a  (C) sight to be-(G)-hold
He's got curtains on the windows, of (D) colours green white and (G) gold
He has a photograph of Haughey, from the (C) Dail in Dublin (G) town
And (C) there's one of Maggie (G) Thatcher, but it's (D) hanging upside (G) down.

Now he doctored up the JCB, to (C) give her more horse (G) power
He thundered down the motorway, at a (D) hundred mile an (G) hour
And when the cops came after him, De-(C)-laney 'f,d' and (G) blind
Well he (C) stuck it into (G) overdrive, and (D) left them all be-(G)-hind

Now they built a fine big airport, in a (C) place that's known as (G) Knock
And when Monsignor first trodden the sod, sure he (D) got an awful (G) shock
For there beneath the heather, the (C) water ran so (G) free
He (C) said I'll send for De-(G)-laney, with his (D) yellow JC-(G)-B

When the Pope he came to Ireland, well he (C) had a pope-mo-(G)-bile
A great machine on tarmac, ah but (D) no good in the (G) fields
And when his chopper flew into Knock, (C) what did John Paul (G) say
He (C) said I'm going with De-(G)-laney, in that (D) yellow JC-(G)-B

When the boys they go a-courting, with the (C) quare ones by their (G) sides
Some go by London Transport, some (D) take their Raleigh (G) bike
Some go on Shank's pony, ah but (C) not our Mr. (G)  D
For (C) when he goes up to (G) Cricklewood, sure he (D) takes th'oul JC-(G)-B


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