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Joe Hill lyrics + chords

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Joe Hill guitar chords and lyrics for The Dubliners. Joe Hill came to America from Sweden, He was a songwriter,Labourer,and union organizer,He became famous around the world after the Utah court convection for murder He was framed and died a hero and a rebel 

I[A] dreamed I saw Joe[A7] Hill last night,as[D] live as you and[A] me,
Says[D] I to Joe your[A] ten years dead,I[E] never died says he,
I[E7] never died says[A] he,
The copper bosses shot you Joe they filled you up with lead,
Takes more than guns to kill a man says Joe and I ain't dead
Says Joe and I ain't dead.
From saltlake city Joe said I him stand by my bed,
They framed you on a murder charge,
Says Joe but I ain't dead,says Joe but I ain't dead.
And standing there as big as life,and smiling with hes eyes,
Says Joe what they forgot to kill,went on to organise,
Went on to organise.
Joe Hill ain't dead he said to me,Joe Hill ain't never died,
Where working men defend their rights,
Joe Hill is by their side,Joe Hill is by their side.
From San Diego up to Maine,in every mine and mill,
Where workers strike and organise,
Says he you'll find Joe Hill,says he you'll find Joe Hill. 

These are the chords I use in the youtube video. Capo on first fret if you want.
I[G] dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,as [C]live as you and [G]me,
Says[C] I to Joe your [G]ten years dead,i [D]never died says he,
I [D7]never died says [G]he,
The [G]copper bosses shot you Joe they[C] filled you up with [G]lead,
Takes [C]more than guns to [G]kill a man says [D]Joe and I ain't dead
Says [D7]Joe and I ain't [G]dead.
From [G]saltlake city Joe said I him [C]stand by my [G]bed,
They [C]framed you on a [G]murder charge,
Says [D]Joe but I ain't dead,says [D7]Joe but I ain't dead.
And [G]standing there as big as life,and[C] smiling with hes [G]eyes,
Says [C]Joe what they for[G]got to kill,went [D]on to organise,
Went [D7]on to orga[G]nise.
Joe [G]Hill ain't dead he said to me,Joe [C]Hill ain't never [G]died,
Where [C]working men de[G]fend their rights,
Joe [D]Hill is by their side,Joe[D7] Hill is by their side.
From [G]San Diego up to Maine,in [C]every mine and mill,
Where [C]workers strike and [G]organise,
Joe [D]Hill is by their side, Joe [D7]Hill is by their [G]side. 


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