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Johnny Cope

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Johnny Cope Guitar Chords And Song Lyrics-The Corries. A traditional Scottish song about government forces being attacked by The Jacobites led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, this was a suprise attack which took place near the village of Preston Pans, the tune of the song is older that the words which were written by Adam Skirving. Also recorded by Andy Stewart, Alastair McDonald and in Ireland by Planxty. 4/4 timing. Guitar work by Marc.

Cope [Am]sent a letter frae Dunbar'
Sayin [G]‘Chairlie meet me an' ye dare
And [Am]I'll learn ye the [G]airt o' war
If ye'll [Am]meet me [Em]in the [Am]morning’

Chorus (repeat after each or each 2nd verse)
[C]Hey, Johnny Cope, are ye waukin' yet
Or [G]are your drums a-beating yet
If [Am]ye were [G]waukin' [Am]I would [Em]wait
Tae [Am]gang tae the [G]coals in the [Am]morning

When [Am]Chairlie looked the letter upon
He [G]drew his sword his scabbard from
[Am]Follow me, my [G]merry men
And we’ll [Am]meet Johnny [Em]Cope in the [Am]morning

When [Am]Johnny Cope he heard o' this
He [G]thought it wouldnae be amiss
Tae [Am]hae a horse in [G]readiness
Tae [Am]flee aw[Em]a' in the [Am]morning

[Am]Fye noo Johnny, get up and rin
The [G]Highland bagpipes mak' a din
It’s [Am]better tae sleep wi' a [G]hale skin
It will [Am]be a [Em]bloody [Am]morning

When [Am]Johnny Cope tae Dunbar cam'
They [G]speirt at him, ‘Whaur's a' your men?’
The [Am]de'il confound me [G]gin I ken
For I [Am]left them [Em]a' in the [Am]morning

Now [Am]Johnny, troth ye werenae blate
Tae [G]come wi' the news o' your ain defeat
And [Am]leave your men in [G]sic a strait
Sae [Am]early [Em]in the [Am]morning

In [Am]faith, quo' Johnny, I got sic flegs
Wi’ [G]their claymores and philabegs
Gin I [Am]face them again de'il [G]brak' my legs
So I [Am]wish ye [Em]a' good [Am]morning


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