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Kelly's Irish Brigade

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Kelly's Irish Brigade Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. I have being unable to find who wrote this one. It's about a fella called Joe Kelly who took part in the American Civil War on the Confederacy side. There's another song written about another Irishman who was fighting on the Union side. This was written in 1861 and was recorded by David Kincade. If the tune sounds familar it's because it's the same as Rosin The Bow.

[G]Come all ye that hold commun[C]ion with
 [G]Southern Con[Em]federates so [Am]bold,,D7]]
 And I'll [G]tell of some men for the [C]Union who
 In [G]northern [D]ranks were en[G]rolled.
 They [G]came to Missouri in their [C]glory and
 [G]Thought at their [Em]power we'd be dis[Am]mayed,[D7]
 But they [G]soon had a different sto[C]ry when
 They [G]met Kelly's [D]Irish Bri[G]gade.

[Alternative Chorus]
[G]Three cheers for the Irish Bri[C]gade, three [G]cheers for Irish [Em]Brigade[Am''[D7]
And [G]all through hearted Hibe[C]rnians in the [G]ranks of Kelly's [D]Irish Bri[G]gade

When they met with the Irish Brigade, my boys.
When they met with the Irish Brigade.
Didn't those cowardly Lincolnites tremble when
They met with the Irish Brigade.

They have called us rebels and traitors, but
 Themselves have been called that of late.
 They were called it by the English invaders at home
 In the year of '98.
 The name to us is not a new one, though
 'Tis one that shall never degrade
 Any true hearted Irishman in the ranks
 Of Kelly's Irish Brigade.

They dare not call us invaders. 'Tis
 but states' rights and liberty we ask.
 And Missouri we'll ever defend her no
 Matter how hard the task.
 Then let all true Irishmen assemble. Let
 The voice of Missouri be obeyed.
 And the northern fanatics will tremble when next
 They meet Kelly's Irish Brigade.

Folk songs in the United States have been shaped by many different influences including old English folk songs and Irish ballads many of them were brought to America by settlers from the 17th to 20th century .

Also Scots. Because of the associations with immigrants and black slaves there has always been a strong element in American folk music and it's usually associated with polictal agitation. During the 1930s to the 1960s singer / songwriters such as Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston formed part of a folk song movement which was highly political and sought to give a voice to the American poor.

This was the start of the new folk scene in the U.S. to which The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem became part of and who brought with them to the U.S. their own protest songs from Ireland.

American Folk Songs


This version of the song was sent to me by Alan P. Barrett. Thanks Alan

Come all you that hold some communion with
Those Southern Confederates so bold;
We've heard quite enough of those Union men
Who in Northern ranks now are enrolled.
They'd marched through Missouri in pomp and in glory -
They thought that we'd all be dismayed ?
But they soon had a different story to tell when
They'd met Kelly's Irish Brigade!

When they met with the Irish Brigade, my boys!
When they met with the Irish Brigade!
Such thinking was quickly amended when
They met with the Irish Brigade!

They called us all Rebels and Traitors, and
For sure, we'd been called that of late!
We were called it by English invaders back
In Ireland in ninety-eight!
So, the name of 'rebel' is not new to us, though
It's one that can never degrade
Any true-hearted man standing proud in the ranks
Of Kelly's Irish Brigade.

Three cheers for the Irish Brigade, my boys!
Three cheers for the Irish Brigade!
And all true-hearted sons of the Emerald Isle
Who would fight for the Irish Brigade!

As their Irish fore-fathers had borne it before them,
The harp on the green will not fade
Now it's carried to glory in Liberty's story
By Kelly's Irish Brigade.
Cry Fág an Bealach? as they unfurl the flag
And go bravely where glories await!
Defending States Rights, our proud standard proclaims
God will bless Kelly's Irish Brigade!

Three cheers for the Irish Brigade, my boys!
Three cheers for the Irish Brigade!
The Bluecoats were humbled, their battle-lines crumbled ?
They met Kelly's Irish Brigade!

Three cheers for the Irish Brigade, my boys!
Three cheers for the Irish Brigade!
Those servants of tyrants would never forget
When they met Kelly's Irish Brigade!



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