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Let Me Be Your Island

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LET ME BE YOUR ISLAND Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (Tommy Sands)Lyrics and chords fit Tommy Sands’ version from his album ‘To Shorten The Winter’ (use capo on 2nd fret)


(G)Let me (D)be your (G)island in the dark and (C)stormy (G)ocean

(C)I will (G)be your (Em)harbor when you’re (Am)rolling in the (C)gale

(G)Let me (D)be your (G)island when the lonely (C)winds are (G)blowing

And (C)when all the (Am)ones that’s (G)near to (Em)you are (G)far (D)far a(G)way


(D)Far far a(G)way is the (C)morning from the (Em)evening

(D)Watching tears of (G)raindrops come (C)rolling down the (D)pane

Far far a(G)way is the (C)evening from the (Em)morning

(D)Waiting for the (G)dawning to be(Em)gin it (G)all a(D)gain –G-D-D




(D)All I hear you’re (G)saying is there (C)is no use in (Em)talking

(D)Walking round in (G)circles and (C)standing all a(D)lone

The only thing I’m (G)saying is your (C)heart is near to (Em)breaking

Your (D)burden is too (G)heavy for to (Em)carry (G)on your (D)own –G-D-D




(D)Every now and (G)then we are (C)searching for an (Em)island

(D)Every now and (G)then we are (C)searching for a (D)storm

Roll me in your (G)arms and put your (C)head upon my (Em)shoulder

(D)We all need one a(G)nother for to (Em)keep each (G)other (D)warm -G-D-D



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