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Lincoln's Army

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Lincoln's Army Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Johnny McEvoy, chords by Marc. This song tells of an Irishman who traveled to America and ends up fighting in the American Civil War war on the Union side under the command of  Gen William Tecumseh Sherman during his famous (or infamous) March to the Sea through Georgia.  Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union, thus “Lincoln’s Army.”

Intro: D-A7-D-A   G-G-A-D   

One [D]cold winter’s [A7]morning, just [D]as day was [A]dawning

I [G]sailed out of Galway to [D]cross the wild [A]sea

My [D]home left be[A7]hind me, no [D]friends to stand [A]by me

A[G]lone I was bound for A[A]meri[D]cay

In [G]New York I landed, flat [D]broke I was stranded

In search of employment I walked through the [A]town

The [D]was no job [A7]waiting so with[D]out hesi[A]tating

I [G]went to the station, my [A]name to put [D]down

Then [D]up spoke the [A7]captain, said [D]he ‘My fine [A]young man

Here’s [G]pen and here’s paper, you [D]know what to [A]do!’

Praying [D]nothing would [A7]harm me I [D]joined Lincoln’s [A]Army

To [G]fight for the stars, the Red, [A]White and the [D]Blue

Well they [G]gave me a cap and [D]boots of strong leather

They gave me a gun and a fine coat of [A]blue

And then in [D]marching for[A7]mation for [D]God and the [A]nation

We [G]left New York City our [A]duty to [D]do

Repeat Intro

Then [D]General [A7]Sherman, he [D]gave us a [A]sermon

On the [G]love of one’s country and the [D]rights of man[A]kind

As we [D]marched down through [A7]Georgia my [D]thoughts were on [A]Galway

And the [G]friends and relations I [A]left far be[D]hind

Johnny [G]Rebel was waiting, our[D]selves he was hating

And all that we stood for he hated that, [A]too

But he [D]was a fine [A7]fellow and [D]this I will [A]tell you

He [G]stood his ground bravely, no [A]more could he [D]do

For [D]four angry [A7]years through [D]blood, sweat and [A]tears

We [G]slaughtered each other never [D]counting the [A]cost

Through [D]hail and fine [A7]weather, [D]brother fought [A]brother

The com[G]passion was gone and all [A]reason was [D]lost

And [G]nobody questioned or [D]made a suggestion

As to why they all died they just could not ex[A]plain

Ah, but [D]if this war’s [A7]over be[D]fore we’re much [A]older

I [G]]promise it never will [A]happen a[D]gain

Repeat Intro

Now the [D]fighting has [A7]ended and [D]peace is de[A]scended

In this [G]war blackened country our [D]comrades lie [A]low

Lying [D]shoulder to [A7]shoulder, their [D]bones growing [A]colder

The [G]marching is over, there’s [A]nowhere to [D]go

And [G]so, Mister Lincoln, I [D]find myself thinking

In spite of what’s happened I know what we’ll [A]do

And [D] God if he’s [A7]willing there’ll [D]be no more [A]killing

And we’ll [G]raise up the stars, the Red, [A]White and the [D]Blue


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