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Lock The Door Lariston

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Lock The Door Lariston Guitar Chords And Lyrics 4/4 (James Hogg)
The dour, grim fighting which took place almost constantly in the Scottish Borders for centuries is recalled in this song by the Borders poet James Hogg (also known as the "Ettrick Shepherd").
Many of the surnames which appear in this song were well known in the Borders.
Chords will fit the Corries’s version with the capo on 2nd fret. The Corries sang a shortened version with verses 1, 2 plus the first half of verse 4 and the 2nd half of verse 5.

Intro: Am-Am-Am-Am-G-G


[C]Lock the door, [G]Laris[C]ton, [Am]lion o’ [G]Liddles[C]dale,

Lock the door, Lariston, [Am]Lowther comes on,

The [C]Armstrongs are [Am]flying,

Their [F]widows are [G]cry[C]ing,

Castletown's [G]burning[C], and [Am]Oliver's gone;

[C]Lock the door, [G]Laris[C]ton – [Am]high on the [G]weather [C]gleam

See how the Saxon plumes they [Am]bob on the [C]sky,

Yeoman and [G]carb[C]inier,

[Am]Billman and [G]halber[C]dier;

Fierce is the [Am]battle, and [G]far is the [Am]cry.-Am-Am-Am


[C]Bewcastle [G]brandi[C]shes [Am]high his broad [G]scimi[C]tar,

Ridley is [riding his [Am]fleet-footed grey,

[C]Hedley and [Am]Howard there,

[F]Wandale and [G]Winder[C]mere -

Lock the door, [G]Laris[C]ton, [Am]hold them at bay.

[C]Why doest thou [G]smile, [C]noble [Am]Elliot of [G]Laris[C]ton?

Why do the joy-candles [Am]gleam in thine [C]eye?

Thou bold Border [G]ranger,[C]

Be[Am]ware of thy [G]dan[C]ger -

Thy foes are re[Am]lentless, de[G]termined, and [Am]nigh.-Am-Am-Am


[C]Jock Elliot [G]raised [C]up his [Am]steel bonnet and [G]loo[C]kit,

His hand grasped the sword with a [Am]nervous embrace;

[C]'Ah, welcome, [Am]brave foeman,

[F]On earth there [G]are no [C]men

More gallant [G]to meet [C]in the [Am]foray or chase!

[C]'Little know you [G]of the [C]hearts [Am]I have [G]hidden [C]here,

Little know you of the [Am]moss-troopers' [C]might

Lindhope and [G]Sorby, [C]true,

[Am]Sundhope and [G]Milburn [C]too,

Gentle in [Am]manner, but [G]lions in [Am]fight! –Am-Am-Am


'I've [C]Mangerton, [G]Gornber[C]ry, [Am]Raeburn, and [G]Nether[C]by.

Old Sim of Whitram, and [Am]all his array:

[C]Come all Nor[Am]thumberland,

[F]Teesdale and [G]Cumber[C]land,

Here at the [G]Breaken [C]Tower [Am]end shall the fray.'

[C]Scowl'd the broad [G]sun [C]o'er the [Am]links of green [G]Liddles[C]dale,

Red as beacon-light [Am]tipp'd he the [C]wold;

Many a bold [G]martial [C]eye

[Am]Mirror'd that [G]morning [C]sky,

Never more [Am]oped on his [G]orbit of [Am]gold! –Am-Am-Am


[C]Shrill was the [G]bugle's [C]note, [Am]dreadful the [G]warrior [C]shout,

Lances and halberds in [Am]splinters were borne;

[C]Halberd and [Am]hauberk then,

[F]Braved the clay[G]more in [C]vain,

Buckler and [G]armlet[C] in [Am]shivers were shorn.

[C]See how they [G]wane, [C]the proud [Am]files of the [G]Winder[C]mere,

Howard - Ah! woe to thy [Am]hopes of the [C]day!

Hear the wild [G]welkin [C]rend,

[Am]While the Scots' [G]shouts a[C]scend, -C-C

'Elliot of [Am]Lariston, [G]Elliot for [Am]aye!’ –Am-Am-Am




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