Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The Lochs O The Tay

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THE LOCHS O’ THE TAY SONG LYRICS AND GUITAR CHORDS (Jim Malcolm) The McCalmans played this song in C# major with a capo on the 1st fret
[Scottish Song]

Intro: C-G-C-G-C-G-C-G-G

From (F)Forfar the Dean (C)Water drains the (F)Vale of Strath(C)more,
Doon the (F)lazy loopin (C)Isla to the (Am)Tay by Meik(G)lour.
Now the (C)Isla's early (F)roa(C)min' is in (Am)Highland no' in (G)Lowland,
Where the (C)Ardle (F)and (C)Shee twine in Ericht's (G)compa(C)ny.

For the (C)Lochs (Am)o' the (C)Tay
Are the (Dm)jewels in the (C)crown of a (Am)Scone coro(G)nation.-C-G
And the (C)streams o' the (F)Shire
Course the (C)county that's (G)dearest tae (C)me. G-C-G

Now the (F)Garry disnae (C)tarry in a (F)melt-swollen (C)spring,
With the (F)Bruar, Tilt and E(C)rochty leachin' (Am)Atholl's high (G)grun'.
From the (C)moors o' (F)lonely (C)Rannoch trickles (Am)peat fae many (G)dark loch,
Through the (C)Tummel's (F)cleft (C)braes by the Northern (G)High(C)ways.

Doon the (F)Dochart and the (C)Lochy spillin' (F)doon tae Loch (C)Tay,
Killin tae (F)Kenmore tae Aber(C)feldy just a (Am)raft race a(G)way.
Up the (C)pools o' high (F)Breadal(C)bane slip the (Am)sleek Lyon (G)salmon,
As they (C)funnel (F)their (C)way atween Schiehallion (G)and (C)Tay.

As the (F)Bran pours by Loch (C)Freuchie doon the (F)braes tae Dun(C)keld,
So the (F)Almond hurries (C)Sconeward, aye the (Am)Tay's eldest (G)child.
But the (C)Earn will run her (F)own (C)way, giving (Am)way to Tay (G)only,
Ere she (C)flows (F)tae the (C)tide, wi the Farg on (G)her (C)side.
Chorus twice


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