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Lowlands Of Holland lyrics chords

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The Lowlands Of Holland, The Dubliners lyrics and guitar chords. written by Sandy Denny. Also recorded by Steeleye Span, The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem. The guitar chords for this arrangement are by Marc Fahrbach.

There are different versions of this song of which the below is just one.

The Dubliners just used the first and last three verses


1. Oh (C)when that (Am)I was (C)mar(F)ried and (C)in my marriage (Am)bed

There (C)came a (Am)bold sea (C)cap(F)tain and he (C)stood at (G)my bed (C)head

Saying „Arise, a(Am)rise young (F)wedded (C)man and (F)come a(C)long with (Am)me

To the (C)low(Am)lands of (C)holl(Am)and for to (Dm)fight the (F)ene(C)my.“


2. I (C)held my (Am)love all (C)in my (F)arms still, (C)thinking he might (Am)stay,

But the (C)captain (Am)gave (C)another (F)shout; he was (C)forced to (G)go a(C)way:

"Tis many a (Am)bright young (F)married (C)man this (F)night must (C)go with (Am)me,

To the (C)Lowl(Am)ands of (C)Hol(Am)land for to (Dm)fight the (F)ene(C)my!"


3. The (C)took my (Am)love to a (C)gallant (F)ship, a (C)ship of noble (Am)fame,

With (C)four-and-(Am)twenty (C)seamen (F)bold to (C)steer a(G)cross the (C)main;

The storm winds (Am)then be(F)gan to (C)rise, and the (F)sea be(C)gan to (Am)shout;

T’was (C)when my (Am)love and his (C)gallant (Am)ship were (Dm)sorely (F)tossed a(C)bout."


4. Now (C)Holland (Am)is a (C)lovely (F)land and in (C)it there grows fine (Am)bribe (???)

It (C)is a (Am)place of (C)resi(F)dence for (C)soldiers (G)to re(C)main

Now the sugar (Am)cane grows (F)plenty (C)full, the (F)tea grows (C)on each (Am)tree

I (C)only (Am)had the (C)want to (Am)love him now he’s (Dm)gone far a(F)way from (C)me.


5. Said the (C)mother (Am)to her (C)daugh(F)ter, "What (C)makes you so (Am)lament?

Is there (C)ne'er a (Am)man in (C)Ire(F)land, that will (C)please your (G)discon(C)tent."

Aye, there’s men en(Am)ough in (F)Ire(C)land, but al(F)las there’s (C)none for (Am)me

Since (C)high (Am)winds and (C)stromy (Am)seas have (Dm)parted me (F)love and (C)me.


6. I'll (C)wear not (Am)shoes all (C)on my (F)feet, nor (C)comb put in my (Am)hair,

I’ll (C)wear no (Am)hankerchief a(C)round my (F)neck for to (C)shade my (G)beauty (C)rare.

And never (Am)will I (F)mar(C)ry un(F)til the (C)day I (Am)die

Since (C)high (Am)winds and (C)stromy (Am)seas have (Dm)parted me (F)love and (C)I.


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