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Lullaby Of London lyrics + chords

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Lullaby Of London Lyrics And Chords Written By Shane McGowan and recorded by The Pogues One of the best pieces of music I have ever heard , These are the chords to play if you want to play along with the Pogues. the guitar riff is. C-F-G-C     C-F-G-C, Or if you don't like playing the F chord then place the capo on the 5th fret and play, G, C, D, and Em as I do in the youtube video.

 As (C) I walked (F) down by the (C) river(F)side one (C) evening (F) in the (C) spring (C)
Heard a (C) long gone (F) song form (C) days gone (F) by blown (C) in on (F) the great North (C) Wind (C)
Though there (F) is no lonesome (C) corncrake's cry of (Am)sorrow and de(F)light
You can (C) hear the (F) cars and the (C) shouts from (F) bars and the (C) laughter (F) and the (C) fights (C)

May (F) the ghosts that howled round the (C) house at night never (Am) keep you from your (F) sleep
May they (C) all sleep (F) tight down in (C) hell to(F)night or (C) wherever they may (C) be (C)

As I walked on with a heavy heart then a stone danced on the tide
And the song went on though the lights were gone and the North Wind gently sighed
And an evening breeze coming from the East that kissed the riverside
So I pray now child that you sleep tonight when you hear this lullabye

May the wind that blows from haunted graves never bring you misery
May the angels bright watch you tonight and keep you while you sleep

It's time to play A Pogues song. This one is Lullaby Of London which is another favorite for me. There's a little riff at the start middle and at the end, there's only a couple of verses so the riff is essential, otherwise the song would be over before you know it. The Pogues do it in the key of C Major and that's the way I done it, but I used the capo on the 5th fret to avoid playing the F chord, I do this because I'm aware there's hundreds of learners who hate playing F. This one is probably for intermediate guitar players as there are a lot of quick changes

Here's a video to teach you how to play the whistle notes. The riff before the main melody of the song is essential and forms a big part of the song.


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