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MAE’NGHARIAD I’N FENWS Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. 3/4 (Welsh Folk Song)
The chords fit Pererin on his album ‚Teitghan’ with a capo on the 2nd fret while the lyrics vary in some parts.

Mae (D)’nghariad i’n Fenws,
Mae (G)’nghariad i’n (D)fain,
Mae ’nghariad i’n dlysach
Na (A7)blodau y (D)drain;
Fy ’nghariad yw’r (Bm)lana’,
A’r (Em)wynna’n y (A7)sir;
Nid (D)canmol yr (Bm)ydwyf
Ond (Em)dwe(A)dyd - (A7)dwedyd y (D)gwir.

Wych (D)eneth fach annwyl
Sy’n (G)lodes mor (D)lān,
A’i gruddiau mor writgoch,
A’i (A7)dannedd mān, (D)mān;
A’i dwy lygad (Bm)siriol,
A’i (Em)dwy ael fel (A7)gwawn-
Fy (D)nghalo a’i (Bm)carai,
Pe (Em)gwy(A)ddwn – pe (A7)gwyddwn y (D)cawn.

Mae (D)’nghariad i’n caru
Fel (G)cawod o (D)law,
Wiethiau ffordd yma
Ac (A7)weithiau ffordd (D)draw;
Ond cariad pur (Bm)ffyddlon,
Ni (Em)chariff ond (A7)un-
Y (D)sawl a gār (Bm)lawer
Gaiff (Em)fod(A) – Gaiff (A7)fod heb yr (D)un.

English Translation

My love is a venus
My love is slim
My love is prettier
Than any flower
My love is the fairest
Thze pruest in the country;
I am not praising
But telling the truth.

Excellent dear maiden
Who is so pure
Her cheeks blush so,
Her tiny teeth;
Her two cheerful eyes.
Her brows as gossamer
My heart would love her
If I knwe that I could.

My love courts
Like a shower of rain
Sometimes here
Sometimes there
But faithful and pure love
Only loves one
The one who loves many
Can be without one.


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