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Mairi Chords By Runrig

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Mairi Chords And Lyrics By Runrig. A Gaelic Scottish song from the album The Highland Connection. 4/4

C-C-D-D   C-C-D-D   C-C-D-D   C-D-G-G


(G)Dorch an nochd (C)tha'n (G)t-Eilean
(C)Dathan air am (G)fuadach far nam (D)beann -G-D
Tha (G)faileas a'tuiteam (C)bhon an (G)Stor
(C)Mar t-fhalt dorch a (G)suabadh do (D)cheann

Ho(C)ro Mhairi (G)o
Ho(C)ro Mhairi (G)o
Ho(C)ro Mhairi (G)o
'S mi 'gad (D)ionndrain ho (G)ro

De (G)math an tobar (C)gun an (G)t-uisge
De (C)math an (G)corp gun (D)cridh' -G-D
Nam (G)biodh neart an (C)Stoir 'nam (G)lamhan
(C)Bhiodh sinn le'r (G)cheile's an Eilean a (D)rithis

C-C-D-D   C-C-D-D   C-C-D-D   C-D-G-G

'S doch (G)nach fhaigh sinn neamh no (C)beatha (G)eile
(C)Nuair a dhuineas (G)suilean aig deireadh (D)lath -G-D
Ach (G)fhuair mi mo neamh an (C)seo's an (G)aite
(C)Far an d'thug thu dhimh do (G)lamh's do cridhe (D)slan

Curfá 2x

C-C-D-D   C-C-D-D   C-C-D-D   C-D-G-G 2x


English Translation


There's a darkness on the Island of Skye tonight
The colours are clearing away from the hills
A shadow is falling down from the Storr
Like your dark hair sweeping across your face

Horo Mary o
Horo Mary o
Horo Mary o
I miss you.

What use is the well without water
What use is the body without the heart
If I had the power of this landscape in my hands
We'd be together again on the island


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