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The Marquee In Drumlish Lyrics

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The Marquee In Drumlish Lyrics By Declan Nerney. This was one of the biggest hits for Country singer Declan. It tells the story of how he started out with his first guitar to becoming one of Ireland's greatest country music preformers. No chords at the moment. Also included are the lyrics for Stop The World And Let Me Off which is one of the shortest songs ever written. It only has one verse and one chorus that gets repeated over and over which is handy when you've a few pints on you and can't remember the words of a song.

When I was just a little boy my one and only wish
Was to get to see the showbands at the marquee in Drumlish.
I'd watch them all arrive in big wagons and fine cars
And I wondered what it would be like to be a country star.

My father used to tell me that I was far too small
And I had no chane to go to the dance to see the bands all
But my mother would get 'round him and I would get my wish
And we'd go to see the Mainliners in the marquee in Drumlish.

I'd watch Seamus McManus as he played his lead guitar
And I wondered how he got that sound,,,,,,,
When Big Tom sang ''Gentle Mother'' sure I can tell you this,
That everyone would sing along in the marquee in Drumlish.

Larry And The Mighty Avons were among my favorites too
How I enviewd Micky Brady with his Fender coloured blue
When Larry sang he had them all, no notes he ever missed
You could hear that fence and echo around the marquee in drumlish.

Philamena Country favor would take the old band stand
And I'd watch when Dan O'Hara pick and play my ramblin man
And later on when I got home I'd check the old jamjar.
To see if I had saved enofe to buy my first guitar.

So next morning with my mother we went to Longford Town
And she bought me that first guitar, I think it was twelve pounds
With radio and records I practised all alone
Soo I had the job with The Hilos and Gene Stuard from Tyrone

And then one Friday Evening came that bigest break of all
I was asked to joing The Brian Coll and the mighty Buckaroos
We played all over Ireland, England and The U.S.A
And I owe a lot to Brian for what I am today

And noy the people tell me that I could go far
We play all over Ireland from Cork to Castlebar
The carnival is over but I still got my wish
For I got my insperation, at the marquee in Drumlish.
No I wont forget marquee in my native town Drublish.

Declan Nerney Is Your Man By Richie Kavanagh. A tribute to Declan by the ''Bold Richie''

If you want to go dancing Declan Nerney is your man.
He'll have you hoppin' like a Herring on a frying pan.
He plays real good music, pop rock and roll
Country and Irish and a little bit of soul.

He got his insperation in the Marquee In Drumlsh
While looking at the showbands 'twas then he made a wish.
I'm going to be a singer in a country band.
I'm going to play in every town all over Ireland.

If you want to go dancing Declan Nerney is your man.
He'll have you hoppin' like a Herring on a frying pan.
He plays real good music, pop rock and roll
Country and Irish and a little bit of soul.

He bought his first guitar inside of Longford Town.
And the long hours he spent practicing has never let him down.
Soon he was playing with the best bands in the land.
He imitated nobody his voice it was so grand.

Repeat Chorus

Very soon he formed a band he said he'd have a go.
Soon he was recording and was on the radio.
The crowds they followed Declan every where he went.
He really got that wish he made inside that Marquee Tent.



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