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Men Of The Sea

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Men Of The Sea Scottish Folk Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. (John Conolly/Bill Meek) Lyrics and chords fit the McCalmans’ version form their album ‘Peace And Plenty’(to play along use a capo on the 1st fret)

Intro: D-D-D-D


At the [D]age of fif[G]teen I shipped [A]out from the [D]Humber

Me [D]very first [G]trip for the [A]Silver Pits [D]bound

I was [D]galley-boy, [G]mess-man, the [A]lowest of [D]callings

But at [D]last I was [G]off to the [A]trawl-fishing [D]grounds



[A]Fair Isle to Labrador

[G]Bear Isle and Norway

And [D]cold Greenland [A]shore

[D]Learning me [G]trade with the [A]men of the [D]sea


Long [D]years as a [G]deckie I [A]hauled for me [D]living

And [D]dodged on the [G]deck through the [A]wild Arctic [D]gales

Knew the [D]tight grip of [G]fear as the [A]cold sea swept [D]o'er me

And I [D]soon learned the [G]truth of the [A]old trawling [D]tales



Bridge C-G-D-D


And [D]in between [G]trips, well, the [A]town couldn't [D]hold me

A [D]two-day ty[G]coon with me [A]head full of [D]rum

A [D]girl on each [G]arm and a [A]pocket soon [D]empty

Live [D]now and pay [G]later, there's [A]hard days to [D]come


Chorus + Bridge


Now I [D]know every [G]hull as it [A]tops the ho[D]rizon

I've [D]learned all the [G]tricks of the [A]trawlfishing [D]trade

Know the [D]sea as pro[G]vider, be[A]trayer, and [D]taker

I've [D]got me mate's [G]ticket, me [A]future is [D]made


As a [D]skipper at [G]last, I stand [A]tall on the [D]dockside

From the [D]boy to the [G]man to the [A]master of [D]men

Now the [D]ocean is [G]mine as we [A]slip from the [D]harbour

And [D]back to the [G]sea to start [A]learning a[D]gain



[D]Learning me [G]trade with the [A]men of the [D]sea

C-G-D-D   C-G-D-D



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