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Merch Y Melinydd Song

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MERCH Y MELINYDD 2/4 (Welsh Folk Song)
Lyrics and chord fit singer Meinir Gwilym on her album ‚Sgandal Fain’ (Skinny Scandal)

Os (G)yw fy annwyl (C)gariad
yn (D)caru dwy neu (G)dair,
ac (Am)yn eu cadw'n (C)fodlon
bob (D)marchnad a phob ffair;
wel (G)peidied yntau (C)meddwl
fod (G)hynny'n (D)boen i (Em)mi,
rwyf (C)fi mor rhydd ag (Am)yntau
i (D)garu (D7)dau neu (G)dri.

(G)Phrioda'i ddim e(C)leni,
chwe(D)dleua'i ddim am (G)neb,
twy(Am)llodrus iawn yw (C)meibion
a (D)fedrant ddweud yn deg;
po (G)deced bo nhw'n (C)siarad,
o! (G)gwaetha'i (D)gyd y (Em)daw,
(C)llawenydd pob merch (Am)ifanc
yw'i (D)dewis (D7)ar ei (G)llaw.

Os (G)oes rhyw dair neu (C)bedair
yn (D)hoff ohono (G)ef,
wel (Am)mae gennyf innau (C)bedwar
ar (D)bymtheg yn y dref;
a (G)nhw sy'n dweud fel (C)yma,
a (G)nhw sy'n (D)dweud fel (Em)hyn,
dwyf (C)fi ond gwenu (Am)arnynt,
a (D)dal fy (D7)serch yn (G)dynn.

Mae'n (G)dweud fy mod i'n (C)euog
o(D)herwydd gwrid fy (G)moch,
wel os (Am)gwrida ef yn (C)welw,
mi (D)wrida innau'n goch;
a (G)dwedaf yn ei (C)wyneb
ag (G)wyneb (D)dewr pob (Em)dyn,
(C)'Llawenydd merch me(Am)linydd
yw (D)dewis (D7)dim ond (G)un.'

(C)'Llawenydd merch me(Am)linydd
yw (D)dewis (D7)dim ond (G)un.'
(C)'Llawenydd merch me(Am)linydd
yw (D)dewis (D7)dim ond (G)un.'


If my beloved sweetheart
loves two or three
and keeps them content
each market and each fair;
well don't let him think
that this troubles me,
I am as free as him
to love two or three.

This year I will not marry,
nor yet coquetting go,
young boys are most deceiving
as they can speak fairly ;
and first they praise your beauty
but then your faith abuse,
the joy of each young girl
is to be able to choose.

If there are three or four
girls fond of him,
well I have four and
fifteen admirers in the town;
and some are for my money,
and more are for myself;
I only smile at them,
and keep my love reserved.

He says that I am guilty
for I blushed so brightly,
but I made answer rightly --
"A guilty cheek turns pale"
and so I'll say to his face
and any man's brave face,
'The joy of the miller's daughter
is to choose only one.'
'The joy of the miller's daughter
is to choose only one.'

'The joy of the miller's daughter
is to love only one.'


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