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Michael's Orchard

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MICHAEL’S ORCHARD Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (Colum Sands)This song is from Colum Sands album ‘Look Where I’ve Ended Up Now’ and tells the authentic and inspiring story of a man, who made a dream come true by overcoming climate and some local advice to grow a little orchard on the windswept coast of County Clare.To play along to the album version use a capo on the 2nd fret.

Intro: Play one instrumental verse + 4 additional D-chords


Ah you’ll [D]never grow an apple tree in [G]this part of the [D]country

For the weather here is wintry and the [A]wintry weather’s wild

You’ll [D]never grow an apple tree in [G]this part of the [D]country

For apples never grew here since [A]Adam was a [D]child


For there’s [A]salt upon the breath of the [G]breezes from the [D]ocean

And there’s frost upon the fingers of the [A]fog at blossom time

You’ll [D]never grow an apple tree in [G]this part of the [D]country

The old men chewed tobacco to the [A]rhythm of their [D]rhyme




[D]Michael heard their words and he [G]looked across the [D]ocean

The he stepped around the little field where [A]apples never grew

He [D]chewed a blade of grass, he tasted [G]salt, he dreamt of [D]orchards

While the old men watched him fearing he might [A]teach them something [D]new


Killy[A]ballyowen watched him as he [G]planted trees of [D]shelter

Cross and Rehy watched him as the [A]ash an rowan grew

[D]Michael watched their colours change from [G]springtime into [D]autumn

And he knew that far above him [A]time was watching, [D]too


D-D-G-D   D-D-A-A   D-D-D-D


[D]Michael felt the wind and years come [G]flying up the [D]Shannon

But his trees had taken root and their [A]shelter warmed him, too

[D]He grafted hopes and dreams and [G]planted for to[D]morrow

And sheltered in his careful hands the [A]little orchard [D]grew


He [A]lived to see the apples and he [G]watched his children [D]taste them

While the old men chewed tobacco to the [A]rhythm of their rhyme

For [D]you who dare to dream the [G]songbirds sing on [D]branches

And your children’s children play in the [A]apples blossom [D]time.


Repeat Intro


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