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Mothers Daughters Wives Song

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Mothers Daughters Wives Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords [Scottish] (Judy Small) chords fit the Corries’s version with a capo on the 3rd fret.

The (G)first time it was fathers, the last time it was (D)sons
And (G)in between your husbands marched a(C)way with drums and (D)guns
But you (G)never thought to question you just (C)went on with your (G)lives
'Cause (C)all they'd taught you who to be was (Am)mothers, (C)daughters, (D)wives

You (G)barely just remember the tears your mother (D)shed
As she (G)sat and read the paper through the (C)lists and lists of (D)dead
And the (G)gold frame held the photograph your (C)mother kissed each (G)night
And the (C)doorframe held the shocked and silent (Am)stranger (C)from the (D)fight

And (G)twenty-one years later you had children of your (D)own
The (G)trumpet sounded once again and the (C)soldier boys were (D)gone
And you (G)made their guns and drove their trucks and you (C)tended to their (G)wounds
At (C)night you kissed their photographs and (Am)prayed for (C)safe re(D)turns


And (G)when it was all over you had to learn a(D)gain
To (G)be just wives and mothers though you'd (C)done the work of (D)men
So you (G)worked to help the needy and you (C)never trod on (G)toes
And the (C)photo on the mantlepiece struck a (Am)happy (C)family (D)pose

But your (G)daughters grew to women and your little boys to (D)men
And you (G)wished that you were dreaming when the (C)call-up came a(D)gain
But you (G)proudly smiled and held your tears as they (C)proudly waved good(G)bye
But the (C)photos on the mantelpieces it (Am)always (C)made you (D)cry


And (G)now your growing older and in time the photos (D)fade
In (G)widowhood you sit back and re(C)flect on the pa(D)rade
And the (G)passing of your memories as your (C)daughters change their (G)lives
Seeing (C)more to their existences than just (Am)mothers, (C)daughters, (D)wives


And you (G)never thought to question you just (C)went on with your (G)lives
'Cause (C)all they'd taught you who to be was (Am)mothers, (D)daughters, (G)wives


dsus4 guitar chord

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