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Navvy Boots Guitar Chords

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Navvy Boots Guitar Chords And Lyrics. This song is down as ''Traditional'' , The origins are unknown. It may have come from England or Ireland, nobody really knows. It has been recorded my many folk groups including The Dubliners, The Spinners, Seamus Moore. Basically a navvy was a man who dug muck for a living. They were around from the 1750s to the 1950s and were responsible for digging the canals in England, Ireland and America. The word ''Navvy'' today refairs to labourers and you will only hear the term in Britain. The tune of this song you may already know, it's the same air as ''White Orange And Green, and ''The Nightingale'' to name a few.

[G]I'm a bold [Em]navvy and I [C]work on the [G]line
[G]And the [Em]last place I met was[Am] Newcastle-on-[D]Tyne
Well [G]I'll tell me misfortune it [C]happened in [D]one
O'h it [G]happened one [Em]night I'd me [C]navvy boots [G]on.

One night after supper I shaved off me beard
Ah to meet me fair Ellen I was quiet prepaired
To meet me fair Ellen I then hurried down.
And I met her that night with me navvy boots on.

I knocked on her window, my knock it was low
I knocked on her window, my knock she did know
She jumped out of bed saying: Is that you John?
Ah, bejaybers it's me with me navvy boots on

She came to the door and invited me in
Saying: draw to the fire, love, and warm your skin
Well the bedroom was open and the blankets rolled down
So I jumped into bed with me navvy boots on

And all of that night now we sported and played
Never thinking of time as it soon passed away
Then she jumped out of bed crying: What have I done?
Ah, the baby will be born with his navvy boots on

I chastised me loved one for talking so wild
Ah, you foolish young girl, you'll never have a child
Ah, for all that I've done now twas only in fun
Ah, but I ran like hell with me navvy boots on

And very soon after I was summoned to court
To pay for me sins just like any man ought
I pay ten bob a week now for all of my fun
Ah, that I had that night with me navvy boots on


Navvy Boots Videos

The Dubliners Version

The Spinners Version

Seamus Moore Version

Phil Coulter: I have often tried to analyse the appeal of The Dubliners. It wasn't merely that they were all individually talented; it wasn't just that each was a character in his own right; it wasn't even that they were the first. It was all of those things and more. When those five guys walked on stage something magical happened. They weren't a ballad group, they were a national institution. Twenty years before the music business discovered the phenomenon of `street credibility' The Dubliners had mastered it. They were the first. They blazed a trail through the Aran curtain of singing jumpers just being themselves and damm the begrudgers.


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