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News From Moidart Lyrics + Chords

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News From Moidart Lyrics and chords as used by the Corries.Note: the timing changes within the song which is marked by annotations in round brackets. Traditional 4/4

(4/4)The [Dm]news from Moidart [F]cam ye[Am]streen,
Will [Dm]soon gar mony ferlie
For [F]ships o' war hae (3/4) [Am]just come [C]in,
And (4/4) [Dm]landed Ro[Am]yal [Dm]Chairlie.
(4/4) Come [Dm]thro’ the hea[Am]ther, a[Dm]roond him ga[Am]ther,
You're [Dm]a' the wel[Am]comer ear[C]ly,
A[F]roond him cling wi' (2/4) [Am]a' yer (4/4) [C]kin',
For [Dm]wha'll be king [Am]but [Dm]Chairlie.
(4/4) The [Dm]Highland clans wi' [F]sword in [Am]hand,
Frae [Dm]John o' Groats tae airlie,
Hae [F]to a man de(3/4)[Am]clared to [C]stand,
Or (4/4) [Dm]fa' for Ro[Am]yal [Dm]Chairlie .
(4/4) There's [Dm]ne’er a lass in [F]a' the [Am]land,
But [Dm]vows baith late and early,
The [F]man she'd ne'er gie (3/4) [Am]heart nor [C]hand,
Wha’(4/4) [Dm]wadna fecht [Am]for [Dm]Chairlie.
(4/4) Then [Dm]here's a health tae [F]Chairlie's [Am]cause,
An' [Dm]be't complete and early,
His [F]very name our (3/4) [Am]heart's blood [C]warms,
To (4/4) [Dm]arms for Ro[Am]yal [Dm]Chairlie.
Come [Dm]thro’ the hea[Am]ther, a[Dm]roond him ga[Am]ther,
Come [Dm]Ronald, come [C]Donald, come [F]a' the [Am]gither,
De[F]clare him rightful, (2/4) [Am]lawful (4/4) [C]king,
For [Dm]wha'll be king [Am]but [Dm]Chairlie.


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