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Nell Flaherty's Drake Chords

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The lyrics and chords fit the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem on their album ‚Irish Revolutionary Songs.

Intro: G7-F-G-C
Oh my (C)name it is Nell and the truth for to tell
I (F)come from Coote(C)hill which I'll (Am)never de(G)ny
I (C)had a fine drake and I'd die for his sake
That me (F)grandmother (C)left me and (G)she goin' to (C)die
The (C)dear little fellow his (F)legs they were (C)yellow
He could (F)fly like a (C)swallow or (Am)swim like a (G)hake
Till (C)some dirty savage to grease his white cabbage
Most (F)wantonly (C)murdered me (G)beautiful (C)drake

Now his (C)neck it was green almost fit to be seen
He was (F)fit for a (C)queen of the (Am)highest de(G)gree
His (C)body was white, and it would you delight
He was (F)plump, fat, and (C)heavy and (G)brisk as a (C)bee
He was (C)wholesome and sound, he would (F)weigh twenty (C)pound
And the (F)universe (C)round I would (Am)roam for his (G)sake
Bad (C)luck to the robber be he drunk or sober
That (F)murdered Nell (C)Flaherty's (G)beautiful (C)drake

May his (C)spade never dig, may his sow never pig
May each (F)hair in his (C)wig be well (Am)trashed with the (G)flail
My his (C)door never latch, may his roof have no thatch
May his (F)turkeys not (C)hatch, may the (G)rats eat his (C)meal
May (C)every old fairy from (F)Cork to Dun (C)Laoghaire
Dip (F)him snug and (C)airy in (Am)river or (G)lake
That the (C)eel and the trout they may dine on the snout
Of the (F)monster that (C)murdered Nell (G)Flaherty's (C)drake

May his (C)pig never grunt, may his cat never hunt
May a (F)ghost ever (C)haunt him the (Am)dead of the (G)night
May his (C)hens never lay, may his horse never neigh
May his (F)coat fly a(C)way like an (G)old paper (C)kite
That the (C)flies and the fleas may the (F)wretch ever (C)tease
May the (F)piercin' March (C)breeze make him (Am)shiver and (G)shake
May a (C)lump of the stick raise the bumps fast and quick
On the (F)monster that (C)murdered Nell (G)Flaherty's (C)drake

Well the (C)only good news that I have to infuse
Is that (F)old Paddy (C)Hughes and young (Am)Anthony (G)Blake
Al(C)so Johnny Dwyer and Corney Maguire
They (F)each have a (C)grandson of (G)my darlin' (C)drake
May (C)treasure had dozens of (F)nephews and (C)cousins
And (F)one I must (C)get or me (Am)heart it will (G)break
For to (C)set me mind easy or else I'll run crazy
So (F)ends the whole (C)song of Nell (G)Flaherty's (C)drake


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