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On The One Road Wolfe Tones lyrics+chords

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On The One Road, The Wolfe Tones Lyrics And Chords-Irish Rebel Song- Written by F.O' Donovan This song was written during world war two. The Wolfe Tones have been singing it for donkey's years. The video is from 'The Wolfe Tones' at Ford Siamsa Caoi Laoi 1995 Cork City.

[Chorus]We're[G] on the one road sharing the[C] one [G]road,
We're on the[C] road to[G] God knows[D] where,
We're on the[G] one road,it maby the[Em] wrong road,
But we're to[Am]gether now who[D] cares,
[G]North men,South men com[Em]rades all,
[A]Dublin Belfast[D] Cork and Donegal,
We're on the[G] one road swinging[Am] along,singing a [A]soldier's[D] song.
[Em]Though we've had our troubles now and then,
[G]Now is the time to make them up again,
[Em]Sure aren't we all Irish anyhow,
[D]Now is the time to[D] step together now.
Tinker tailor every mother's son
Butcher baker shouldering his gun,
Rich man poor man,every man in line,
All together just like Old Lang Syne
[4]Night is darkest just before the dawn,
From disention Ireland is reborn,
Soon we'el have United Irishmen,
Make our land,a nation once again.

Live from the National Dublin-Wolfe Tones Live D.V.D
We are proud to present this brand new production of the
WolfeTones its Noel Nagle, Tommy Byrne and Brian Warfield
... in a live show from the National Stadium in their
hometown of Dublin.With an audience of over two thousand
enthusiastic fans and the music of the most popular folk
group in Ireland. There was a chemistry created that night
that was unforgettable. The interaction between them and
their audience was a unique and exciting experience and we
are glad to say that the atmosphere the enthusiasm,
excitement of the night has been captured for all to witness
on this. CD or DVD or Video for posterity

Together for over thirty-eight years they and. one of the
remaining folk ensembles of the folk boom, that 'xplodcd it
the sixties. They are perhaps the most talked about group to
emerge out of Ireland. They sing songs of  emigration
Hero's Villains rebellion and sportsmen. They pace documented
the events of their time, wth passion and humour that is unique
to Irish ballads these songs having been
passed down from generations gone. The Wolfe Tones have carried an the
tradition of the ballad maker that has gone unbroken for
centuries. The sad reality is this great trade  could very
well come°to an end when the Tones finish up their

Irish Ballads and songs have played a major part in carrying
the story of Ireland, its people and its struggle against
oppression, landlordism and despotic governments across the centuries.
Every other means of expression was closed to them so they sang
their story Even the ballads were made treasonable when they
refered to an Irish hero rebel Felon or rebellion. So the
tradition lives on with the Wolfetones whether they be in the
songs of Thomas Davis or a moder n composition by Brian Warfield
they all have a place in the history story and folklore of the
great musical heritage of our county. The songs on this collection
are important Meer, of folklore and are a glimpse into the
history of evens and the milestones of Ireland, its emigration,
rebellions  and its Diaspora. They are presented to you
with all the passion and enthusiasm of the WolfeTones


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